Risk Free Guarantee For Our Service

Our Refund Policy

We are so confident in our judgment and capabilities in the way that we consult and guide our K1 and CR1 Couples. 


We are most certain that the way it has happened to so many other couples is the same way it will happen to you also!

Since 2003 we have assisted couples through the Fiancee and Spouse process with a success rate of 99.8%.


Though we are small and don’t have a goal to chase after every couple as some of our competitors do, we have worked with more than 2,600 couples without failure of giving each and every one of our clients the very best service their money can buy without costing them an arm and a leg!


Many of, if not all of them would agree that FilAm gave them way more attention and assistance than any law firms or attorneys would and they felt as if we where way to low in our fees?

None the less they were all super happy and successful by allowing FilAm to take them by the hand and walk them through the entire process.


We all have to protect ourselves.

Yes we have been scammed on occasions. FilAm Immigration Services has had our share of scammers also, where they pay us, we do the work, they get everything done for them and later come along asking for a refund.

They announce a breakup but we find out later they did not break up. They just wanted us to do most of the work for them and then get their money back.


Failures and scammers:
Throughout the years we have occasionally had some couples who came to us with hearts opened only to later find out that one of them was not being faithful or had ill intentions toward the other.

Many of us are aware of the scammers who pretend to love for the money and those kinds will milk every drop out of you if given a chance.

If your beneficiary turns out to do this to you and it doesn’t get found out until up to the point of a US Embassy Interview as what we said earlier given a chance they’ll milk you as hard as they can right to the end!


We don’t refund any of the money you paid us, for FilAm had to put a lot of work into the process up to that point and we cannot-will not, take the beating for such behavior.


Partial Refunds:
This applies to K1 / CR1/IR1 Couples / Adjustment of Status:

FilAm does not “REFUND” up to the value of the package you ordered.

If you paid for a K1 Deluxe Package valued at $350.00 That is how much we are entitled too for all of the paperwork that we have done for you.

For example, if you paid us $350.00 and we’ve already completed all of your paperwork, then you break up or have some other reason that you say, you no longer need us, then its settled based on your decision and there is no amount owed back to you.


100% Guarantee or your money back.

The only time FilAm will give the client a full refund is for the following reasons mentioned.


Our guarantee is a money-back promise if you are denied. we or no one else can promise that your petition will be approved.

However, if you are denied after we prepare your petition, and you answered everything 100% honestly without any omissions, you responded appropriately to all government requests, you met the income requirements and are not denied due to criminal activity, then we will refund 100% of the fees you paid to FilAm.

Guarantee does not apply to fiancee visas if you have not met in person within 24 months of filing since these petitions are rarely approved.

Guarantee does not apply to proxy marriages. Government fees are not refundable. Your refund request must include copies of all correspondence with the government leading up to your denial.

Here at FilAm we will treat your entire visa process no differently than if it were our own loved one waiting.

So why not let FilAm put our years of experience to work for you!