K1 Checklist

October 24, 2018

K1 Fiancee Visa Checklist for the Philippines 

What must the US Citizen prepare before your trip to the Philippines?

  • Make colored copies of your U.S. Passport biographic page to take with you in case you lost your real passport?
  • Save copies of your airline trip itinerary.
  • Inform your bank or credit card company that you may be using your card in the Philippines?
  • An added precaution is to make photocopies of any credit cards or other identification cards that you might take on your trip in case anything got lost or stolen so that you have a way to show polise,
  • Always carry plenty of cash to the Philippines and when you do please get all brand new crisp one hundred dollar bills so that you wont have problems with the international money changers in the Philippines. Don’t bring fifties or twendy dollar bills as most exchange services don’t accept those here?
  • It is always a good idea to bring any prescribed medicines in the original containers that they where given to you in, if you are usining any prescribed drugs?



While in the Philippines

  • Save copies of your boarding pass stubs

Save all accumulated receipts while in the Philippines

  • Hotel Vouchers / receipts
  • Transportation receipts / bus, car rental, ship. airplane etc…
  • Restaurant / grocery receipts
  • Gift receipts
  • ATM Machine receipts
  • Money exchange receipts
  • Theme park, zoo, movie,hospital, engagement part receipts etc….




Both of you need to have USCIS specified 2×2 passport style photos made.

  • Together you and your fiancee can go have made up 2×2 passport style photos as part of the petition.
  • If applicable to your fiancee, bring back annulment papers / divorce decrees or death certificates from previous marriages. must be red ribbon annulment papers, anything else photocopies only.
  • You can bring back a colored photo copy of her PSA Birth Certificate.
  • And both of you have someone take lots of couples photos of you both together without others in the picture. You will be sending up to 10 good quality photos in yur petition to USCIS.







Sponsor you are not required to bring or leave with your fiancee the following items.

  • Sponsors divorce decrees or death certificates of all previous marriages if applicable?
  • If applicable sponsors police or court records from criminal convictions?
  • Sponsors birth certificate.
  • Sponsors photocopies of your passport pages.
  • Receipts that you accumulated while in the Philippines.
  • Do not bring your fiancees NBI Clearance.
  • Do not bring your fiancees certificate of no marriage CENOMAR.
  • Do not bring your fiancees Police Clearance.