Fiance Visa Testimonials

These are K1/CR1 Visa client
we’ve successfully assisted since 2003

Real FilAm Couples Whom We have Served.

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Fiance Visa Testimonials

Fiance Visa Testimonials

We got married in the Court house on September 11, 2018 Vicky and I want to thank you FilAm for making our dreams come true.

We are so blessed that USCIS also allowed this to happen and we felt that the US Embassy interviewers where being extra nice to Vicky she was so worried in the beginning that this whole thing might be a disaster, but when a friend of hers told us about FilAm Immigration Service, we decided maybe we better go the route of hiring some assistance.

FilAm was very helpful and they kept us both moving in the right direction which had we not hired them I know for sure we would of screwed something up?

From Brent and Vicky Toledo OH 2018

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Officially married on August 6th 2017! FilAm I can’t express my gratitude enough to you.

I don’t honestly know how you guys do it, but this USCIS immigration stuff is pretty much a major headache and had it not been for you, I would of failed at this.

You’re prices are so unbelievably low compared to everyone else’s and yet you give a superior service unlike anything I ever heard of!

I know Attorneys aren’t going to work their butts off like you do at such low service fees. You saved me a lot of money and you got my lady at my side as you said you would.

If you’re ever in Alabama swing by for a beer 🙂

Larry & Trish Montgomery AL 2017

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Bella and I are so thankful to you people their at FilAm.

I was going to do this on my own until a friend of mine at work who done this for his Filipina wife told me that this is some pretty serious stuff!

He hired a lawyer and paid them $3,600. which I wasn’t really happy to dish out that amount. So I done some online researching and came across FilAm.

The site was very helpful and when I decided to give them a call for consultation I was amazed at how this whole process needed to be handled?

I know now that if I did it myself I would of messed something up for sure!

We got our K1 Visa after 6 months, thanks FilAm

Sincerely Stan & Bella of Detroit MI 2018

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Fiance Visa Testimonials

FilAm Immigration Services,We wanted to write this testimonial to you especially ‘YOU’, for helping my wonderful fiancee NOW WIFE, through the k1 visa process.

It went by so very fast as you told us it would and we honestly do not think we would have had the same success if we had tried to do this on our own?

It would seem that 2009 was a very good year for anyone trying to petition a fiancee or spouse using any of the (k) visas as my friend from California told me that two years ago he and his wife who came from China had to wait 12 months. For us it only took 3 months.

Sincere thanks to you sir, From California -2008 

Fiance Visa Testimonials

We received our K1 Fiancee Visa after 4 months of waiting and FilAm was always there for all of our questions and concerns.

We really want to thank the team there at FilAm for you’re steadfast patience with us. We really couldn’t of done this without you guys and the fabulous service that you gave Renei during the medical and her interview!

Now you guys are working on her adjustment of status papers and we feel very good knowing that we have you there to get us through these rough moments with USCIS.

Sincerely Patric and Renei from Honolulu, HI – 20015

Fiance Visa Testimonials

I was a very busy person during the process of getting Margie to the USA. My mind wasn’t going to be focused enough to try and file my petition for the K1 Visa.

I had a friend a year earlier who tried this and his girl got denied due to the Couples failure to produce enough proof of an ongoing relationship

I got free counseling fro m FilAm and it really made a huge difference for Margie and I.

We both realize just how easy it is to make mistakes that could lead to a denial. FilAm really kept us on track and we owe them so much for the awesome support they gave us.

Sincerely George & Margie Vineland NJ 2018

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Hi, I’m Mark & this is my adorable wife Latz. We both would like to tell anyone who is thinking about hiring FilAm to get their free consultation as it is one of the things I remembered the most that caused me to realize just how far off I was with my understanding about the process of getting a K1 Fiancee Visa?

Latz was also thinking that some of her old friends who she was talking to about this process would have gave her some really bad or old information that would of costed her time and maybe even a denial?

FilAm and her Coach made sure that nothing was done prematurely and that every step was completed in a timely manner. Our petition was approved within 6 months and we’re so thankful to FilAm.

Mark & Latz Spokane WA 2017

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Al I can say is thanks a million everyone their at FilAm!

You guys delivered on you’re word and I don’t forget that neither does Crisel.

Me working on the oil rig out in the Gulf of Mexico just didn’t make things easy for me when it came to USCIS and all of their red tape!

Because of you guys the process went much smoother and you’re knowledge is what saved us from flopping at this.

Crisel got approved after 7 months and now she is here at my side and I plan for her to have a very good life as she deserves it.

We plan to be you’re best word of mouth to anyone venturing to do the K1 Visa process, we have only good things to say about FilAm and trust you will too!

Russ & Crisel New Orleans LA 2015

Fiance Visa Testimonials

I can’t thank FilAm enough! You guys have given us way more than our moneys worth and I just don’t really know how you do it?

My wife Sham-Sham was constantly in communication with Her FiLAm coach practically everyday and those people treated her like family always ready to answer her questions and providing us with a top-notch service that I would recommend to anyone!

Our petition was approved by USCIS in under 4 months and my wife had her visa in hand exactly 5 months and two weeks.

After we got married FilAm took care of her Adjustment of Status processing and that went very smoothly also. I honestly can tell anyone that’s considering hiring FilAm, this is money well spent. A lot less headaches less stress and worry.

More power to you FilAm John & Sham-Sham Dallas TX 2016

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Fiance Visa Testimonials

Hello! 2016 was a very exciting year for my wife Maybeth and I. We filed our application for a K1 Visa in January 2016 and then she got her K1 Visa on June 2016 we where married on July 4th.

We owe it all to FilAm and their wonderful assistance that kept things running smooth. If I was going to share with anyone about FilAm then the first thing I would tell them is FilAm has a lot to offer for such a small fee!

We used their K1 Platinum and after my wife got to the US FilAm also provided great help for her to be able to get her permanent resident card, employment and advance parole to travel back home in case of an emergency.

Best Service Ever!
Kenny & Maybeth Los Angeles CA 2016

Fiance Visa Testimonials

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical with FilAm after my free consultation because they were telling me a lot of things that was conflicting with stuff I had read online and some of my friends told me also?

It didn’t take very long when I finally realized that much of the online stuff I was reading was either crap or just old outdated websites that didn’t change the rules.

FilAm gave it to us straight and they didn’t allow me to try and change anything as I felt like changing some things based on hear say which now I was glad I listened to FilAm!

Our K1 came after 6 months and we hired FilAm again to do our Adjustment of status.

Cheers! Mitch & Lori Miami Beach FL 2016

Fiance Visa Testimonials

What a Blessing FilAm was for us! You guys really provided us with a very neat and organized service, giving us a very well put together I-129F package I was really impressed and I think that was a contributing factor at USCIS also?

Our petition was approved in two months and within 4 months we had the K1 Fiancee Visa in hand and FilAm just kept on guiding us with everything even after our marriage all for $650.

I know guys who paid Lawyers at least $3,000 and got way less support than what FilAm gave me! If you and you’re fiancee our searching for a friendly affordable service, then I highly recommend FilAm Immigration Services!

Sincerely Art & Arlyn Trenton NJ 2015

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Fiance Visa Testimonials