CR1 Marriage Visa Includes IR1/K3

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CR1 Marriage Visa

CR1 – IR1 – K3 – Marriage Visa
Spouse Visa Package $525. Include one child add $85.

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FilAm Immigration Services
CR1/IR1/K3 Spouse Package

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Our CR1/IR1 Package Price is a one time fee of $525.00

• You get you’re free consultation by a professional to make sure all your bases are covered before filing.

• During the whole process you both will have unlimited communication with us.

• FilAm will gather your bio-data and properly complete your USCIS petition.

• Once your petition finally gets hands on, we will assist you through each one of the government processes.

• We’ll instruct you on how and when to pay the additional required government fees.

• At the appropriate time, we gather vital financial information from the sponsor and complete the I-864 Affidavit of Support.

• You will be instructed by us and we will visually check all of your required documents to send into NVC at the time of their processing.

• We’ll assist your spouse in the filling in of her online DS-260.

• Once you have an interview date we’ll instructed you’re spouse about how to prepare for the medical exam fees, documents where to go.

• Next we will prepare her for the embassy interview through our online case file review and mock interview.

• After the visa has been approved it can take on average 7 to 10 days for the visa to be delivered. At this point we will instruct the sponsor about payment for the Green card.

• Last we will give instructions to you’re spouse on how to prepare for the exiting of the Philippines and the arrival to the US Port of entry.

If their are children involved they will be getting CR2 Visas.

Each additional family member will be charged an additional fee of $85.

CR1 Marriage Visa

Spouse Visa Types

For those couples who have chosen to Marry in the Philippines, the process with USCIS and the State Department allows Marriages that are less than two years old to file an I-130 application to get the Conditional Resident Spouse Visa. If your spouse has children under the age of 21, they can also get CR2 visas.

Couples who are married less than two years also have a choice to file I-129F application and I-130 to apply for K3 Spouse Visas? If your spouse has children under the age of 21 years old they could also receive K4 Visas.

Couples who have been married two years or longer would be receiving the IR1 Visa, known as an Immediate Relative Visa. This is obtained by filing the I-130 application. If your spouse has children under the age of 21 years old, they also can receive IR2 Visas.

CR1 Marriage Visa

Filing Fees to USCIS:
Currently regardless of which type of visa the Coupes are trying to get the cost to file for each family member is $535.

Processing Time:
The 2018 – 2019 processing time has increased due to tougher vetting taking place at each government service center with waiting times ranging between 15 to 18 months before finally receiving a CR1/IR1/K3 Visa.

CR1 Marriage Visa

Hiring FilAm:
Our Fee $525. Cover one spouse and one child.

By hiring FilAm, you will receive the following one child included.
Additional children are $85.00 each

• Complete form filling.

• Unlimited answers to all you’re questions and concerns.

• Real-time visual inspection of all emails and postal mail delivered to the sponsor.

• Online instructions to the sponsor and beneficiary.

• Online help with visa applications for each member.

• Coaching for the medical.

• Coaching for the interview.

• Coaching for the US Port of Entry.

CR1 Marriage Visa

What’s Faster K1 or CR1:
If you’re thinking about a marriage visa or the K1 Fiance visa, the time frame is taking up to 8 months for the K1 Fiancee visa to be processed. Which is Faster?