K1 Visa Consultation Philippines 

k1 fiance visa free cosnultation PhilippinesKnowing before you proceed can save you time and money.

All US Citizens or Filipino Citizens that are seriously thinking about using the K1 Fiancee Visa to allow you to receive a visa to enter the USA for Marriage within the first 90 days may contact us to receive free counselling, in order to see if both the sponsor and the beneficiary are qualified in receiving a K1 Visa?


Not all couples are qualified or some are missing some of the USCIS requirements? 

It is very important to know what couples need in order to qualify and or meet USCIS mandatory requirements for receiving a K1 Fiancee Visa. Unfortunately a lot of do-it-your-selfers go at this on their own and 75% do not even have a clue as to why USCIS or the National Visa Center has stopped working of your petition?

Our consultations to you are very thorough in evaluating if the sponsor and beneficiary are ready or not?

Some situations can take several months to get in order before you are actually favorable by USCIS as meeting the requirements? Others may find that they do not qualify at all and may be forced to use another type of visa that is not under “K” Category?

We have advised sponsors correctly about how, what, when and where in order that they would qualify or meet the requirements of USCIS or sometimes it is an issue with National Visa Center and often times we see unforeseen issues that could occur with your fiance beneficiary at their US Embassy Interview and medical exam also.

For many, the consultation also prepares US sponsors on how to prepare for their trip to the Philippines? We’ll give you valuable information to insure that you make the most of your trip, SAVING you valuable time and money so that you can file your petition at USCIS quickly and worry free.


k1 visa philippines free consultationWhen you call us, please be advised that the average consultation over the phone can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours average. 

We’re always happy to talk with you and want you to know that just because you are unable to reach a live person on the other end right away doesn’t mean that we’re not wanting to help you? It simply means that we’re on the phone consulting with another person and will be happy to get back to you as soon as we can! 

While is the US, Callers can dial 321-222-9998 that’s our Florida number.

You Filipina fiancee or wife can also contact us in the Philippines on our mobile number at +63 917 451 4214

You may Email us at Please allow 24 hours response time.


Does Location Matter to you?

FilAm Immigration Services has two locations to better serve our clients. We are set up in Orlando Florida, U.S.A. to reach all of our U.S. clients without ever any office visits. Your Fiancee will have us there in the Philippines also to guide her through all of the steps to insure she or he doesn’t make any mistakes?

k1 fiance visa consultation from Philippines to USAOur Philippines staff provides a top notch service!

We felt a tremendous need to place a lot of focus on our K1 Applicants or Spouses. Without ever needing to make any office visits, FilAm Immigration Service is able to communicate with your loved one in the Philippines, without ever visiting any offices.

With two locations, we have the advantage that many of the high dollar firms and Immigration Services throughout the United States don’t have for the Philippines.Your Alien Fiancee or Spouse will receive much needed attention to prepare for their K1 or CR1 Visa Interview with-in the U.S. Embassy of Manila.

We are able to better equip your Fiancee or Spouse through phone calling, texting, online chatting, emailing, or in person.We have a Tagalog or Visayan communicator but for the sake of preparing with U.S. Embassy Interview and St. Luke extension clinic, we strongly advised the use of English as this is an important component for success.

Give us a call when ever you are ready or email us.