Start to Finish K1 Visa Timeline Process

This is your step-by-step Timeline

If you are FilAm’s K1 Client, then this is your personal password protected page that gives you all of the step-by-step events that will take place in the course of the next several months.

Each link will redirect you to a page that specifically explains a particular part of the process with illustrations or examples of your real-life situation.

Once you have logged in, on a device, you won’t have to keep providing your password. If 24 hours have gone past you will then be asked for your password again.

First Phase

Once your I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee has been sent to USCIS both couple need to do these things: NOA1

Received NOA1
Case Status Check
Philippine Passport
Relationship Proof

Vacation in the Philippines

Second Phase

Once USCIS notifies the sponsor through email and the Postal mail that your petition has been approved: NOA2

Received NOA2
Case Number
DS-160 Application
Affidavit of Support

After you receive your case number you will begin the below process.

Visa Application Fee
Interview Scheduling
Appointment Letter
St. Lukes Medical Exam
St. Luke’s Confirmation
Your Case Files
Interview Questions

Third Phase

Once you have received your K1 Fiancee visa packet, you are now ready to complete (GCP) & the US Port of Entry POE

Check Your Visa Status
Visa Packet Delivered
Schedule GCP
Pre Departure to USA
After the wedding whats next?

Thank You FilAm!
Getting a K1 Fiancee Visa requires patience, determination & a prayer.