CR2 Child

Children of CR1 Spouse

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Children of CR1 Spouse

Children of CR1 Spouse CR2/IR2 are free. But more than one child is an additional fee to FilAm $85.00

Children of CR1 Spouse

The rules and fees apply also to IR2 and K4 Children.

CR2/IR2 Visa is issued to the unmarried child of a foreign spouse. For a child to qualify as a stepchild, the marriage would need to have taken place before the child’s 18th birthday. The child must also be under the age of 21 at the time of the visa application.

After the US citizen spouse files the I-130 petition with the USCIS, the foreign spouse will complete the visa process in their foreign country. The I-130 requests details of the foreign nationals children that will be traveling to the US as well.

Once the CR1 or IR1 spouse visa is approved, the CR2/IR2 is generally also approved on the same day from the US consulate. You may be required to either retrieve your passport or it will be sent to you via courier service.

Both the foreign spouse and children can then enter the US with their visas and pass through Port of Entry where they will become Permanent Residents immediately.

You and your child will receive Permanent Resident Cards (Green Card) within two weeks of your arrival to the US Address on your application.

The Requirement for Filipinos:
If your child is age 14 or above and receives their CR1/IR2 Visa they will also be required to attend the CFO- GCP Guidance & Counseling Program together with their parent.

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Children of CR1 Spouse

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