Change of Status

K1 Change of Status after the marriage;

November 04, 2018 K2 Children who followed must also file a change of status. Our Fees

The question that I hear from K1 Visa Couples all the time is, how soon must we file for the change of status?

USCIS for years has not routinely bothered K1 Couples on this subject and therefore many have gone as much as a year and some even longer than a year before taking steps to file for a change of status.

But make no mistake, USCIS rule is, that once the Couple has married within the first 90 days they should file for a change of status immediately in order to protect their status.

Couples who have ignored this rule, place themselves at risk of losing status. The possibility of having a US Customs and Border Patrol agent knocking at your door or trying to track you down is real. If this happens you most likely would have to hire a good Immigration Lawyer to help you from being deported.

The number one reason I hear why so many Couples do not file immediately, is because of financial reasons. The cost to file for your change of status is $1,225.00 and for many Couples this imposes a tremendous hardship.


By hiring FilAm Immigration Services to help you with your Change of Status.

You will prevent yourselves from making drastic mistakes and time consuming waits with USCIS.

Throughout the years, we have had many Couples come to us for help, because the process was to cumbersome for them and full of uncertainty which left those Couples with numerous questions, that even USCIS was unwilling to help them with over the phone.


Whether you were one of our clients or not?


k1-fiance-visa.comWe will provide you with valuable information and eliminate stress, worry and wasted time for a one time fee of just $325. Full Service Fee This fee also includes (1) K2 child / Additional K2 children are $75. more.  


What we’ll do for you?


k1-fiance-visa.comWe gather all of the the required USCIS forms.

k1-fiance-visa.comWe also make any required supplemental sheets.

 k1-fiance-visa.comDepending on which service you decide to get, we will complete all the forms for you, or we will inspect your forms once you have completed them.

 k1-fiance-visa.comWe make ourselves available to you for all your questions and concerns until this is finished.

 k1-fiance-visa.comWe will provide you with valuable time saving instructions for printing and for the layout.

USCIS has a one time fee of $1.225.00 regardless if you file all 3 applications together or not.


Your Filing Fee Covers (3) Applications:

k1-fiance-visa.comAdjustment of Status to receive your two year Conditional Resident Card.

k1-fiance-visa.comEmployment Authorization so that you can legally seek employment.

k1-fiance-visa.comAdvance Parole so that you can make an EMERGENCY trip back to your Country
if you have a death in your family? This will allow you to enter the USA again.