Filipinos Applying for B1 B2 Tourist Visa to America

K1 Fiance Pros and Cons to BE AWARE of.

b1 b2 tourist visa
B1 B2 Tourist Visa

The B1 B2 Tourist Visa has about only a 5% Success Rate.

A foreign citizen who comes from more developed nations, such as China, India, South Korea stands a much better chance. Filipino citizens who wish to visit the United States temporarily must first obtain a visa.

Those coming to the US as tourists, to visit friends or relatives, for medical treatment or to conduct business, must obtain a visitor’s visa (B1 for business or B2 for pleasure / medical treatment).

Posted 07/29/2019 Many couples have tried to go the route of obtaining either a (B1 or B2) Visa for Tourism or Visitor to the USA only to get denied, some up to two times.

Countries such as the Philippines which is considered a developing third world nation routinely have a 5% or less success rate with this versus filing an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiance(e) which offers your loved one the  K1 Fiance(e) Visa at a near 100% success rate.

B1 and B2 are non-immigrant visas. Such visas are normally issued up to a period of three months to ten years. Once the visitor is in the USA, an additional extension of six months can be obtained upon approval by the USCIS.

A person planning to enter the United States for different purposes, such as study, temporary employment, crew service, journalism, religious work, marriage, must apply for a different category of visa.

A person who wants to remain in the United States indefinitely or plan to seek employment cannot be classified as visitors.

Filipino Citizens face some very tough USCIS requirements for B1 / B2 Visas.

There are more denials for Filipinos who are trying to get a B1 or B2 tourist/visitor visa routinely because of strict guidelines that USCIS has implemented. Most fail, even those thought to be very well off in life because of real reasons suspected by US Interviewers,

who is highly trained at sniffing out the truth on many that present wrong reasons for coming to the United States? One that normally tops the list is Filipinos who want to come for marriage to a boyfriend or girlfriend who is a US Citizen.

So, what are some main reason that interviewers deny so many Filipinos applying for B1 / B2 Tourist Visa?

Here are the most common reasons that we have heard of for the past several years.

  • The applicant has no immediate relatives living in the US

  • The applicant does have a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship in the US.

  • The applicant is asked where they would go once in the US and says something like Broken Bow Nebraska rather than Orlando Florida to visit Disney World.

  • The applicant is unable to demonstrate that they own land or real estate in the Philippines.

  • The applicant is unable to provide records for the past year of a substantial income and or savings account.

  • The applicant cannot provide documented proof of ownership toward a successful business of at least one year.

  • The applicant is fresh out of College.

  • The applicant has a substantial amount of money to show in accounts but is unable to show where it came from or who placed it there for them.

  • The applicant is unable to show documented proof that they have traveled to other countries in the past that is much easier to go to such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and have returned to the Philippines without incident.

B1 B2 Tourist Visa

The above information is solely our observations and analysis from hear-say of many hundreds whom we have consulted with and should not be taken as legal advice for your own circumstances.

A FilAm Immigration specialist can further advise you of your options of which visa is most obtainable for you.

Now the US Department of State claims that some of what they are looking for plays an important role in whether a person receives an approval or denial. These are not particularly for third world second world developing Countries.

B1 B2 Tourist Visa

Positive Factors

You are above the age of 60 years.

You own a house in your home Country.

You have traveled to other Countries before without incident.

Negative Factors

• Your age is between 15 to 30 years

• You are not married.

• You are a widow or widower.

• You do not earn a lot of money.

• You do not file an income tax return.

• You frequently visit only certain Countries.

• Someone has filed an immigrant petition for you.

• Your passport was lost at any time.

• You have a communicable decease.

• You are involved in any court cases.

• You were sentenced for a crime in the past no matter how small.

• You have past due alimony for wife and or kids.

• Someone may give any negative information about you to the US Consulate.

B1 B2 Tourist Visa
B1 B2 Tourist Visa