K1 Visa Cost

k1 visa cost

K1 Visa Cost Start to Finish Since 2002, I have been watching the government fees increase usually about every five years? The filing fee for the I-129F is currently at $535. Later the non-immigrant visa application fee of $265. followed by the medical exam that may vary from country to country at roughly $335. [Go … Read moreK1 Visa Cost

I-129F Approved

k1 visa interview process

I-129F Approved Approval Rating 99.8%  5/5 Reuniting Couples Since 2003 Contact Us Here are some important steps you should be aware of while preparing for the K1 Visa Interview process. You have NOA2, now whats the process? How does the US Embassy Manila operate during a K1 Visa Interview? The US Embassy Manila follows … Read moreI-129F Approved

K1 Visa Denial

k1 visa denial reasons

Jaw-dropping reasons for getting a K1 Visa denial. Getting denied at your K1 Visa interview can be a devastating blow to the couple. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to avoid being denied, reasons interviewers deny and types of denials? How the couple can better prepare themselves for a K1 visa interview? … Read moreK1 Visa Denial