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FilAm Immigration Services

Our Assistance with the US Visa started on January 2003. In the beginning we offered a match making service allowing US Citizens that where marriage minded to communicate and eventually meet Filipino men and women from the Philippines through a pen-pal program.


In 2008 we moved away from being an introductory service to an assisted visa services which is where the need was the greatest. The process was most stressful for many couples to say the least, and match making sites where popping up like crazy without offering any visa support.


Since 2003, we have assisted thousands of couples and to this day are still assisting couples through our online virtual assistance program that makes it easy for couples to work from the comforts of their home or office.


There are thousands upon thousands of couples who found each other online through dating sites and social network apps, that don’t have any clue on how to start a visa process, much less, which visa to apply for, or what the requirements are.


We reunite couples from all over the world who want to immigrate an alien fiance or spouse to live permanently in the United States, and eventually are able to  work and fulfill their dreams together all on the same soil.


If you are in, an LDR – Long Distance Relationship and desire to be together with your special someone on US soil, then perhaps you would like to receive a free consultation from us, where we will advise the couple with the most current and up-to-date requirements.


Our Consultation is free, friendly and very informative, and won’t leave you second guessing.


We are capable to assist alien fiances or spouse from many countries without any problems, however, we specialize in the Philippines and are up to date with Philippines government rules, costs, and requirements that are required to work hand-in-hand together with the US Embassy in Manila Philippines.


We offer visa assistance for the following Visa types.

  • K1/K2 Fiance

  • CR1/IR1 Spouse

  • CR2/IR2 Children

  • CR5 Parents

  • F2B Adult Children


We also offer assistance for two year and ten year green cards.


US Citizenship – Naturalization assistance.


Our goal is to remove stress and worry at fees that surely won’t leave you broke.