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About the Author

Dear Valued Readers, my name is Neci Ybaῆez, I am a Filipino owner to the content on this site and take great honor in assisting all of our LDR Couples who are engaged or planning to be engaged? Many of you are also married within the Philippines and seek assistance through the visa process of either getting a K1 Visa or Marriage visa?

Our goal is to provide articles of up-to-date content that will help couples through the often-times difficult to understand immigration process that is unpredictable as every couples case is not the same.

If you are a Filipino and American in need of a guide through the K1 Visa or Spouse Visa process, then our expertise covers the Philippines immigration and USCIS. There are many things that we assist you with that an immigration lawyer or attorney will not do for you.

We are not only doing what lawyers and attorneys do which is collecting your bio-data and completing applications for the K1 and spouse visa but we are guiding your Filipino partner on the Philippines side to instruct them on how, when and where to go to gather needed documents.

We keep the couple informed if there are any administrative changes in the US or Philippines? You will both be guided according to your case and instructed on the best methods in an effort to have a higher approval probability?

We also offer our couples the ongoing assistance with their change of status, employment authorization and advance parole. Your K2 or CR2 children if any will also be included with processing.

In short, we offer a whole lot more professional assistance than any law firm will provide you with for only a fraction of their cost? Unless litigation is needed in your particular case why would you pay thousands of dollars when you only need to pay hundreds?

Our consultations are free. We will give you a very friendly informative evaluation and let you know if there are areas that need to be worked on or if your case might be headed for disaster?

Often times we are asked by do-it-your-selfers if we can pick up where they left off because suddenly things have gotten too tough for them to understand what is next?

We are here to assist such couples in these areas:

hire us K1 / K2 Visa Assistance

hire us US Embassy interview support for K1 Visa

hire us Adjustment of Status for K1 Visa US Arrivals

hire us CR1/IR1 Visa Spouse

hire us IR1 Visa to join children

hire us Remove the condition for K1/K2 – CR1 Spouses & children

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