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FilAm Immigration Services Serving Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Starting Updated 02/2016 Our on-line K1, CR1, IR1, support team will be focusing on Pittsburg, PA

Welcome to FilAm Immigration Service. Our new Coudersport PA office now serving Pittsburgh PA . area clients as of this year, desiring to petition their loved one from the Philippines using the K1 Fiancee visa for a US marriage or to petition their wife or husband with the spouse visa CR1 or IR1 Immigrant Visa.

Our specialized service has been providing Immigration services to clients in the greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan area for several years from the Orlando FL office since 2003.  FilAm Immigration Service specializes in obtaining K1 Fiance Visas, CR1 and IR1 Marriage Visas and Green Cards for the fiances and spouses of US Citizens, since 2003 and provide better service to your loved one in the Philippines with our Philippines office.

Our clients in Pittsburgh, PA, are US citizens and US Legal Permanent Residents living in Pittsburgh who seek to obtain K1 Fiance Visa and CR1 Marriage Visas for their foreign fiances and spouses, who have fallen in love with a US Citizen while communicating on line or through a mutual friend, and married couples, where one spouse is an illegal alien and wishes to become a Lawful Permanent Resident. Our office represents clients from every state and can assist any person from within the Philippines.

Many of our clients have found us just like you did, through the internet or referred to us from other clients who have successfully petitioned their loved ones to Pittsburgh, PA, or any other US state. We made the process so simple that office visits are no longer required and you will be able to do this without paying the high cost of Law firms or Attorneys to do the work for you when we can do the same thing plus a whole lot more for a mere fraction of the cost.

We offer the industries most competitive prices plus have a track record of success and can complete your Change of status, Employment Authorization, Advance Parole, Remove Conditions, US Embassy Support and more.

Get started today by simply picking up the phone and calling us at 321 . 222 . 9998
or use the free email form located on all of the pages of this site.

K1 Visa Service offered to these Pittsburgh, PA Zip Code area’s

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15207 Zip Code
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