While waiting for I-129F Approval

K1 Couples, are often times lacking or unsure of how to document their proof of a relationship and how much is needed for the US Embassy Interview?

Free Stuff!
Now a-day’s nearly all couples in a long distance relationship are taking advantage of the free stuff such as smart phone (Aps).

These are the most common

  • Facebook / Facebook Messnger
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat

Nothing is in vein, when it comes to proving that you have a genuine relationship?

Documenting Mobile Apps, requires a bit more inventive ways?

Going back to you older messages is often time very challenging and sometime not possible if you spent a lot of time doing live video chats?

We suggest that couples printout very early in the game what they do have now, so that it wont be cumbersome later on while getting ready for the interview?

Some couples do screen shots on their smart devices which is helpful in showing messages, while others also do screen shots to show their live chats.

You don’t need to get carried away in this, but 20 to 30 pages is going to be plenty when it comes to the Mobile Apps.

If your a couple that uses a lot of mobile apps, then we suggest you get a foleder and title it,
Electronic Communication then place all of your print outs of your chats together with screen shots and hold all of those together with a staple.

Please keep everything in order by date from earliest to the latest.



According to the U.S. Embassy. Interviewers prefer to see emails from couples above anything else?

It has been mentioned to us, that interviewers often times are expecting K1 Applicants to provide a minimum of (100) one hundred emails rather than chat logs or instant messages. They like to see at least 50 emails from the sponsor and 50 emails from the beneficiary.

Many ask why emails?
Emails are often times considered to be more believable because when they are printed out, they have the header of the email, they have the date sent, they have the senders email address and the receivers email address.

We assume that interviewers consider emails to be more reliable and real as apposed to instant messages, with belief that it is easier for someone to create an instant message that is not real simply through copy and pasting methods?



Other possible ways to show interviewers that you have a genuine relationship?

International Phone Calls:
If eaither one fo you call each other on the phone and this is not a phone app but regular old fashion phone calls, then we suggest you save the phone bills to show outgoing and incoming calls to one another.

Postal Letters:
If either one of you uses the postal service to send each other mail such as birthday cards, Valentines cards, Christmas cards, or just a regular letter, then we suggest you both save those cards or letters and keep them together with the envelope to show the post offices rubber stamps markings as evidence of it being real?

This is not money, but this is referring to an item sent either through mail or from online?
If you sent a package through mail then save the receipt as proof of purchasing a gift.
Save the receipt from the USPS or FedEx or UPS or DHL.
Who ever the gift was sent too, have them take a picture holding the package.
Next have them take a picture holding what was inside the package.
Later all the receipts and pictures will come together to be shown at your interview.

Financial Support:
If financial support is being sent to the beneficiary, then we suggest you both save the receipts perhaps Western Union, Money Gram XOOM or Remitly.

It is often times thought by interviewers that ladies receiving money from their fiance are abusing the relationship and using the money for non essential items like beer, discos, and so forth? Believe it or not, it wasnt that long ago that the embassy would have real investigators go do surprise inspections on k1 applicants based on suspicions where some ladies have later gotten denied their K1 Visas based on findings?

Essential items:
We suggest that K1 Beneficiaries who receive financial aid from the sponsor save all of their receipts as many as you can and staple it, to that particular months Western Union receipt. Example, you received P5,000 in the month of October, and you paid your electric bill of P800. then you paid your internet bill of P1,300. then you purchased groceries amounting to P1,500. You could have receipts for these items.

Your not going to be able to get receipts for everything, but its ok as long as your able to show where the bulk of the money was used?

Please have a titled folder for all of the above mentioned items if your doing any of these?


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