USCIS & US Embassy updates





Once your petition has been submitted to USCIS in Dallas TX. 

the processing time is expected to take up to 6 to 7 months before 

receiving an approval letter. Sometimes the waiting of an approval 

can go over that, based on USCIS’s ability to maintain processing 

due to heavy administrative setbacks, as they have been revamping 

throughout 2017 and continue to do so in 2018.


Once the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee has been approved, the sponsor 

will receive e-mail notification followed by a postal letter called the 

I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter. Once that arrives, I will further 

instruct you both on how we shall proceed to the US Embassy Interview?


U.S. Embassy Reminders: 


Utilizing your time:

During the time that it is taking USCIS to get to your petition, I would 

like to remind you that interviewers at the US Embassy in Manila Philippines 

routinely checks K1 Applicants for “Proof of an ongoing relationship”.


The Free Stuff:

This means that if the couple relies only on Skype or FB chat or Viber, or 

any other free applications then it is not always possible to archive or 

document those to be printed at a later time?



Normally interviewers will ask K1 Applicants to provide documented proof 

through e-mail and lately I have heard some are asking to see at least 50 

from the sponsor and 50 from the beneficiary which means that if you both 

haven’t accumulated at least 100 e-mails up to the point of the interview, 

then, now’s the time to do so? 


Keep it simple:

E-mails do not have to be long but should be a minimum of 5 sentences.


Easier for saving:

I would like to remind you both that it is always very helpful for you both to 

start a brand new email to one another rather than replying off of each others 




The reason for starting a brand new email each time is to avoid stringers that 

later make printing look terrible and pages run in to other pages.


Postal Letters 

are also optional and tend to carry more weight than e-mails.



each other the old fashion way means if you do this save the Phone bills for proof.


Sending packages 

not required but if you do this save the receipts take pictures of the gifts.


Finacial support 

not required but if you do both save your receipts and receipts for what its used for?


Advice & Success:


Most K1 Applicants attend their US Embassy Interview with arms loaded full of 

folders titled and documented proof of an ongoing relationship so much so that about 

90% of the time interviewers are simply satisfied based on what they see and questions 

are rarely a few? So if you don’t like to be questioned to much at your interview, then 

attend your interview with arms loaded.