US Port of Entry

Before arriving to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport


Updated for 02/2017 travel year – Please take some time to study all thats on this page and you may want to write notes to carry with you in order to help remember some important steps:

For Filipinos departing the Philippines, you must be aware that you must pay an EXIT TRAVEL TAX FEE of PHP 1,620.00 K2 Children or children of CR1 & IR1 Visa holders must pay this also & a terminal fee which is now at PHP 550.



All International flight passengers must pay the the PHP 550. Terminal fee. this fee is per head regardless of age.

As of  February 1st. 2015 There will be no more TERMINAL FEES in NA1A. This will only be for passengers who have paid the terminal fee included in the price of their airline ticket.

For Filipino passengers each person is now required to complete the Philippines Immigration departure card, so please be sure to bring a black ball point pen because the immigration officers will not provide one for you.


While filling the Philippines immigration Departure card out you will notice where it asks you for the (PURPOSE OF YOU TRIP) select [X] other then neatly print USA Visa K1

Once you are on your way to the U.S.A. plan on filing out the I-94 Arrival/Departure card one for you and your children if applicable? These will be passed out on the plane once the flight is about an hour from arriving into the U.S.A.


In Flight instructions I-94 Arrival / Departure Card:

1 Fill out a form I-94 and blue U.S. Customs form before you arrive in the United States. The I-94 is the “white” form offered to all passengers on incoming international flights. Do not fill in a “green” or visa-waiver form, since you have a K-1 visa and cannot enter the United States under the visa-waiver program.

2 On arrival at the U.S. land border, seaport or airport, join the “visitors” line. If you join the line for U.S. citizens and residents, you will not be allowed through. As a K-1 visa holder, you are considered a non-resident alien in terms of U.S. immigration law.          

3 Present your passport, K-1 visa, I-94 form and sealed envelope of immigration documents to the immigration officer. The sealed envelope will have been given to you at the interview when you obtained your K-1 visa and contains documentation regarding your medical status, finances, personal background and the relationship with your fiancé(e). You may be taken to another room for processing, but this is no cause for concern. First entry to the United States on a K1 visa can be time-consuming. Sometimes officers will separate new visa entrants in order to reduce lines at immigration.

4 Answer any questions from the immigration officer truthfully and politely. The officer will open your sealed envelope, stamp your passport and attach the I-94 to a page of your passport. Later on you will be able to go online to print out the needed full version Confirmation page of your I-94 record.

5 Collect your baggage and proceed through Customs. Hand your completed Customs form to an officer as you exit the Customs channel.

Next the flight attendant will give each passenger a,
Customs Declaration form to complete:

The US Declaration form must be filled out in flight one for each passenger regardless of age and regardless if you are a US Citizen or visa holder.

By US law complete the form honestly by answering all questions correctly of items that you are carrying into the United States whether in luggage or on your person.

Immigration Border patrol officers will not ask to see this but after you have gathered your check in luggage and carry on luggage, you will proceed to the Custom and Border protection counter to give this form and be questioned followed by inspection of your belongings.

Items that are prohibited into the USA.

Bringing food in to the US

If you are not sure about certain items then you can research it on google or email me before your scheduled departure.

Never ever lie to an immigration border patrol officer and never lie to the Customs official if they ask you about something because in most cases lying will get you denied entry and often time telling the truth they will go a lot easier on you.

These officers are all highly trained and do this daily. So if you think that you can challenge one of them, you better be prepared for sitting in a holding cell for several hours without food or drink or even being able to use a toilet because these people are serious!



All K1 Fiancee Visa holders and K2 Children or IR1 / CR1 Visa holders must go straight to the Immigration Border Patrol area to be inspected by an officer. If your US Citizen fiance or spouse are traveling with you, they will need to separate from you for awhile because they are required to enter a US Citizen area for inspection before going to pick up any checked in luggage.

U.S. Port of Entry Procedures

Things You’ll Need to show to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Officers:

Philippines passport with K1 Fiancee Visa

If applicable your childs Philippines passport and K2 Visa

I-94 Arrival / Departure Card, If applicable K2 childs I-94.

U.S. Embassy large yellow envelope that is not to be opened by you.
If applicable show also your K2 childs.

Remember this must not be damaged have tears or little holes in it upon giving it to the immigration inspecting officer.

St. Lukes unopened brown envelope the DS-3025 Vaccination Documentation Worksheet, You X-ray cd. If applicable all of the same items of your K2 Child.

You should have a couple other unexpired identification cards to show if asked? Unexpired drivers license, Voters registration, Postal id etc…

When it is your turn,
please be alert and listen to the officer to answer all of their questions?

US Border Immigration will need to see your,

I-94 Arrival / Departure record,
Passport, K1 Visa or CR-1 Visa,
Sealed envelope from US Embassy,
St. Luke’s C/D,
2 other forms of ID as mentioned above,.
Next they will ask you some questions like what address will you be staying at, what phone number can you be reached at, Where does the sponsor work & how may we reach him?

US Port of Entry Possible Questions?

Question: What kind of visa do you hold?
Answer: K1 Fiancee Visa

Question: What does the K1 Fiancee Visa allow you to do?
Answer: It allows me a one time entry only and to marry the sponsor within 90 days.

Question: What must you do if you and the sponsor do not marry within 90 days?
Answer: I must return back to the Philippines

Question: What is the complete address where you will be living at?
Answer: You need to tell them the sponsor full address

Question: What phone number can you be contacted on?
Answer: You need to provide the sponsors phone number

Question: Tell me at least three points of interest about the state your going to live in?
Answer: You must learn at least 3 important things about the state your going to.

Tell them you have 90 days to get married or leave the USA.


Tips & Warnings

  • Processing your first entry on a K-1 visa may take some time. Allow plenty of time — at least three to four hours — between your entry into the United States and any connecting flights or ongoing travel plans.
  • When you enter the United States on a K-1 visa, this is with the condition that you marry your fiancé(e) within 90 days.
  • Do not joke with immigration officials. They are not obligated to allow you into the United States just because you have a visa.
  • Request help with translation if you do not understand the questions you are asked



After you have gotten through Immigration Border Patrol and then you have collected your Luggage proceed to Customs where you must give your Declaration form.

Last you will be inspected by Customs Officials

Now that you have all of your immigration papers work checked and you now have your carry on luggage plus you gotten your check luggage also you may now get in a line to be inspected by the Customs. Give them all of your bags, shoes, purse, laptop and the “Customs Declaration Form”.



Once you have collected your check-in luggage from the carousel, proceed to the Customs officer for inspection.

This is where you must hand them your Customs Declaration form and allow them to open and x-ray your luggage. If they see anything alarming, you must be prepared to explain what the item is? 

Then if you have a connecting flight you can now proceed to your gate.

Connecting flights can be stressful if Customs & Border Patrol held you up?
You will need to find a wall full of computer monitors and look for departing flight.
Look at your ticket and see the airline name and flight number to identify which gate you must go to?