Sponsors Printing Instructions

Sponsor instructions for printing and gathering other needed items.

Updates: November 2, 2018

Dear sponsor, lets begin..

Device Check:

Very Important for you to know that everything in the way of USCIS is, they use the very latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and this means that you must be sure to have the latest version on your device?

It is a free download or if you have it then it will overwrite the old version.
If you don’t have that it if a free download https://get.adobe.com/reader/



Below are the attached forms that you’re coach emailed to you:


  • G-1145 Electronic Communication
  • I-129F Cover Letter
  • I-129F Application For Alien Fiancee
  • Fiance Letter of Intent – Sponsor


The sponsor only gets (4) attached forms that make up his portion of the petition?

Your forms where emailed to you and must be opened and reviewed to insure that there are no typos or worng dates or any address etc,. out of their proper order? If you find anything wrong, then please contact you’re coach so that he can make the necessary changes for you?


This is the first page that you need to print out and keep everything in a folder so that nothing gets folded or bent. Print one page of this out and no signature is required for this one.



I-129F Cover Letter

The I-129F Cover Letter is like an index page and you only have to print out one copy of this, then put your signature on the line where it requests your signature.



I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancée

This is your I-129F main application. It is made up of 13 pages. I need you first to open the attachment and go over everything first, to make sure you don’t spot any mistakes?

Take notice on Page 1 question 3 you must also put in your Social Security number. You may type it or print it.

Also on Page 2 question 16b handwrite in the box [Current]

Print out all (13) pages when you are satisfied everything looks correct?

Now please sign your name in Page 10 question 6a

In order to expedite your petition:

Page 10 Under Part 6 PLEASE LEAVE EMPTY

Page 11 & 12 Under Part 7 PLEASE LEAVE EMPTY



Fiancé Letter of Intent – Sponsor

Sponsors, please printout the attached Fiancé Letter of Intent. This, is the last of your paper work.

All you need to do, is print one page of this and sign your name on the bottom line.



Next you will need to include the following additional items:

US Birth Certificate – Please provide a photo copy front and back if there is any information on the back?

  • What to do if you do not have a U.S. birth certificate?
    • You must bake colored photocopies of your entire U.S. Passport.
    • If you are naturalized do not make photocpies of your naturalization certificate as it is illegal.


US Passport pages – All petitioners must provide, photocopies in colour of your U.S. passport biographic page & the visa pages that have your arrival/departure stamps.


Divorce decree If Applicable? Sponsors that have one or more previous marriage will be required to include certified divorce decrees? It is highly recommended, that if your divorce decrees are several years old, or in bad shape, that you get ahold of the court house that has record of those and either go in person or online to contact them to have a new updated version sent to you? USCIS is often times rejecting old divorce decrees. (photocopies only).

  • Death Cetificates should be included also if applicable? (photocopies only).
    • Annulment records if this applies to you? (photocopies only).


Police recordsIf ApplicableIf a sponsor has any criminal records, he or she should consult with your coach about what types of crimes you have committed and decide whether or not those will be needed in the petition or not?


Passport style photos – You need to go have (2) each 2×2 passport style photos made of the sponsor. IMPORTANT that you also save the receipt, it is needed in the petition for proof the photos are less than 30 days old. You may have already made these together with your fiancee in the Philippines? Learn More here…



Trip receipts, please make photocopies for the beneficiary to use later at her interview:

Place all originals in an envelope and title the envelope:
Proof of meeting receipts.

Boarding passes – For your trip to the Philippines original receipts to be used in the I-129F Petition.

Trip itineraries – For your Philippines trip. Send original in the I-129F

Send all other receipts – That you accumulated on your trip to the Philippines, boarding pass stubs, trip itinerary, hotel vouchers receipts, food, gifts, transportation etc..



Couples Photos – You will select up to 10 good quality coloured photos made on glossy film of you & fiancee together.  Please select only photos with the two of you in the picture only? See couples photo examples here..

What does USCIS look for in youre photos:

  • Please select 10 different backgrounds if you can & wearing different clothing.
  • If you can? Use 6×7 on glossy film paper or close to it.
  • Neatly handwrite on the back of each photo print with a black felt tip pen sponsors full name & beneficiaries full name. Also put the date
    the picture was taken and the location? Example SM Mall Cebu City / SM Mall of Asia Manila



You will not include the following items in your I-129F Petition, but these items will be used at the US Embassy Interview later on.

These will be needed later on, at the interview only!!!

  • Anything at all that pertains to sponsors earnings, taxes, bank statements etc…
  • Emails to one another
  • Postal Letters to one another
  • Chat logs to one another
  • Phone bill records
  • Monetary support receipts
  • Gift receipts and pictures accumulated not related to Philippines visit.
  • Beneficiaries NBI Clearance
  • Beneficiaries Police records from other Countries (Only if Applicable)?
  • Beneficiaries CENOMAR also known as Certificate of no Marriage.
  • If your beneficiary has K2 children, they are only gathering their documents at time of interview.



Have you already completed your IMBRA Letter about how you and you’re fiancee found each other?
If not please go here to learn how to make one..


IMPORTANT: Please inform you’re coach, once you have received everything from your fiancée?
You will be emailed the step by step layout of everything so that you can submit it all to USCIS.