US Visa Packet

Delivery of your U.S. Visa

Update 08/2017

2GO will deliver this: Once you have completed your US Embassy Interview for either the K1 Visa or the CR1 Spousal visa, then you will go home and relax for about, 10 to 14 working days on average while waiting for the visa to be delivered to you by 2GO.

Usually 2GO will send you a text message to inform you that they are coming? Some people have nominated to pick-up their visa packets from their local 2G0 branch or nominate for it to be delivered to the main 2GO headquarters at SM Mall of Asia.

As soon as you have a confirmation that 2GO is on their way to you, they will require only “YOU” nobody else is aloud to receive the US Embassy Visa packet for you. You must be prepared to have two (2) unexpired government id’s to show them and you must inspect the visa packet very closely before signing off on it!


K1 fiance visa packet warning instructions

Do not make the mistake of opening your US Embassy visa packet unless you do so correctly? If you do not follow our instructions in the EXAMPLES below, you may end up being denied entry into the USA!

Please do not allow children, jealous ex boyfriends, or girlfriends or anyone touch your US Embassy visa packet because if they play with it or poke holes in it or tear it, then you’re not going to be allowed in the USA!

Even rats and mice can destroy your visa packet! So we urge you to make sure it is placed in a very safe location until you leave.

Warning!!! Do not open incorrectly!!!

Here is what your visa 

packet will look like upon being delivered to you by 2GO?
It is normal for the top corner of the large yellow envelope to be already removed.
Also the US Embassy wraps the visa packet in transparent plastic for protection.
You must not tear it open!


Example #1 is the most common way that most K1 Applicants have to get their passport out?

⇐ Example #1

Below is a video that may also be helpful to you about opening the packet?

This is the most likely way that your visa packet will have to be open to get your passport out? You can follow the 4 steps but do not put any damage at all on the yellow envelop!!!

Improper opening of this Visa packet will cause the U.S. Immigration Birder Patrols to deny you entry! 

Please safely store your visa packet in a solid place to keep rats from chewing it up or else you must return it to the U.S. Embassy to have the whole packet assembled again.