Proof of Meeting

October 28, 2018

Requirement for couples who will file the I-129F. 

k1 visa proof of meeting requirementsAny US sponsor who has met a foreign Fiancee in person must not allow two years to pass if they desire to file the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee. If two years have gone by since the meeting in person, both sponsor and beneficiary will need to meet again in order to qualify.

USCIS doesn’t have any set requirements on how much time a couple has to spend together in person, but they do have certain items that they would like to see at both USCIS and the interview.

A few of the most important items needed will be the sponsor US Passport stamped pages, trip itineraries, boarding pass stubs and photos of the couple together. 

Other items that will be used at the interview will be hotel receipts, transportation receipts, food receipts, gift receipts, terminal fee receipts, ATM Machine receipts, etc…


Meeting in other Countries other than the Philippines?

Some couples have met in other countries where they both have worked and may have spent several months developing their relationship in that country while others have met online and then after so many months decided to meet in person in the Philippines.

Occasionally far and few in between does a couple actually meet in the USA, but there have been some Filipina who did manage to get tourist visas, or work visas, even student visas for the United States, but this is not something that one could count on very often.

It is much easier for an American to travel to the Philippines to meet his Filipina girlfriend than it is for her to try and come to the USA to meet him. Anyone who thinks they can get a B1 or B2 Tourist visa easily is greatly mistaken.

Doing so would only be a waste of time and money. Please have a look at out B1 / B2 Tourist visa page.



Selecting your BEST Couples Photos for K1 Visa Processing 

There must be a minimum of (10) color photos submitted standard size 5×7 on glossy film. USCIS requires pictures of the couple without hats or sunglasses and preferably facing the camera.

Best to send in a variety like one at the Mall, another at the beach, at home, at a park, at church, on the front porch etc…

You want it to appear that you spent quality time together, so each picture should be a different setting wearing different clothing and holding each others hand in hand, arms around each other, her sitting on your lap, etc….

Full body shots are acceptable and close up’s but not to close where your faces look like a blur. Please do not send in blurry pictures please print your full names on back and date each photo also specify where the photo was taken at.


Things to Remember?

Select only good clear images without any cutting or cropping and USCIS does inspect your photos to see if any computer altercations have been done? You don’t need to send pictures of kissing or anything that shows to much affection in them.

It is okay to wear sunglasses in some outdoor pictures, but try not to have to many pictures with sunglasses. USCIS wants to see the faces of both couple.

Also wearing different clothing  makes it look more like you spent quality time with each other.


Sample photos


You can bring your digital camera or cell phone depending on it’s photo qualities with you to the Philippines and make hundreds of pictures with you and your Filipina Fiancee together.


The Philippines has much available photo stores that one can blue tooth, or insert a memory card or plug right into a computer and have your pictures developed pretty much all in one day.

Making hundreds of pictures can be time consuming especially if your on a short visit to the Philippines. So please make the best of your time and try to have someone take your picture with a different background each time, good lighting, different poses and different clothing on to make it appear that you both spent good quality time with one another.


Don’t Be Shy, Make Lots of PHOTOS!