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K1 Deluxe Package $325.
K1 Visa Deluxe Package $325.

The fee you pay for a specialized K1 Fiancée visa service doesn’t have to be outrageous!

Just because FilAm Immigration Services, is among one of the lowest in the industry, doesn’t suggest that we are any less experienced and successful at getting you and your loved one through the process and reuniting the two of you on U.S. soil?

For years I have heard about and even spoken with guys in the U.S. who have shelled out upward of $6,000. to law firms / attorneys just to get only half of what we offer our clients for just  $325.

There are numerous online services similar to ours, who are charging even double what we charge and try to make you think you’re getting an awesome deal when in reality they are misleading you with their clever wording that most online shoppers aren’t able to pick up on?

Just remember unless you’re in need of litigation, you don’t need to pay outrageous fees.

What do I get for $325.

Your one time fee of $325. is going to be the best money spent out of any online K1 visa service guaranteed!

You will benefit greatly because unlike many of the other services, you will have a coach to assist and guide you and you’re loved one from start to finish

This means no more trying to explain who you are and who your fiancée is and having to explain your whole situation all over again to someone else, that doesn’t have knowledge of your case?

Both you and your fiancée will have unlimited communication with your coach at anytime you both have any questions or concerns? Also your coach will always keep you both up-to-date about each and every step of your case, insuring you both that nothing is forgotten?

Our service also keeps you up to date, on the latest USCIS and US Embassy changes that may occur?

We are also up-to-date with Philippines governmental changes and procedures.

K1 Deluxe Clients are getting these in your package.

K1 Client tools

Your coach will send you and your fiancée a password that unlocks password protected pages to our site,


These pages are made available to all of our K1 Clients and are met to provide you both with valuable start to finish information and illustrations that are part of your K1 Visa process?

So not only is your coach going to provide you with this information in its proper timing, but you’re going to be able to also have visual illustrations to have more clarity about how each step needs to be correctly done?

K1 Bio-data collection

Bio-data collection

You’re coach will email both of you, the K1 Clients (bio-data) online submission for collection of needed information as a part of USCIS and US Embassy requirement, to be used solely for USCIS paperwork and US Embassy interviewing.

U.S. Sponsors and Filipino Beneficiaries will be required to provide 5 years of addresses lived at and 5 years of employment? Information about previous marriages, children, parents, are the most needed information such as any police records and if applicable any other visa filings weather for US or other Countries?

You’re I-129F Petition

You’re personal coach will be the one to complete your I-129F petition for alien fiancée.

Once you and your fiancée have completed the bio-data, your coach will gather up all of the USCIS forms and properly answer all of the questions and will make all other necessary supporting letters etc…

Everything that must be submitted at USCIS will be done and looked over by a professional to insure everything has been done correctly?

Once your coach is satisfied, all of your forms will be emailed to you both those which require signatures?

Printing instructions and other detailed instructions will be included for both sponsor and beneficiary about what to gather and what to include with all of the forms? Once everything has been printed out and signed and all other required supporting documents have been placed together, you will now have what is referred to as an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancée.

Your coach will further instruct the beneficiary on how to get everything to the sponsor and then the sponsor will be further instructed on how to lay everything out in order for USCIS to get receive a well put together petition that should be exempt from any “Red Flags”?


Next is preparing for an interview

Once you’re I-129F Petition has been approved.

For many couples, this is the most exciting time, as it marks a major milestone and we refer to it as, finally you can see the light at the end of the tunnel..

You’re coach with provide both the sponsor and the beneficiary with a detailed list of items to gather as well as what National Visa Center items can be worked on, while the couple continues to wait for their MNL Case Number to be issued?

Your coach is going to provide both of you with valuable information to insure that nothing is being left out or missed in an effort to prepare for the St. Luke’s Medical examination as well as prepare for a U.S. Embassy interview.

You’re coach will also be the one who will do the following for you?

  • Complete the sponsors I-134 Affidavit of Support.
  • Schedule your US Embassy interview.
  • Conduct an online case file and mock interview with your Filipina fiancée.
  • Instruct you’re fiancée on how to monitor and receive her US Embassy Visa packet?
  • Instruct and assist you’re fiancée on how to prepare for the Philippines CFO Seminar after the visa arrives?

Preparing for the U.S. Port of entry

Your Fiancée now has received the K1 Fiancée visa and has completed the Philippines CFO Seminar.

At this point both the sponsor and the beneficiary are both excited as well as a bit nervous on how to prepare for the big move to the USA? You’re coach will be able to let your fiancée know what must be brought in their carryon luggage, so that they will not have any document problems, once they have arrived at their US port of entry and face the US border patrol and customs?

You’re coach is available to help with any of your questions about airline tickets, luggage do’s and don’ts, possible questions that could be asked at her port of entry? Connecting flights, what to do after you both are married within the first 90 days of his or hers arrival?

Once your fiancée has arrived safely in your arms on US soil and you both are married, then the next process will be for them to undergo their change of status so that they will be able to live in the US without returning to the Philippines.

For K1 Deluxe Clients,
Go here to learn more about how to become a permanent resident after your fiancee arrives on US soil? (Learn more..)
or you might want to select our K1 Visa Platinum Package instead?


K1 Platinum Package $650.
K1 Visa Platinum Package $650.

If you’re looking for, an affordable A-Z Platinum package that covers everything?

Then you can select our onetime fee of $650.
This includes everything that is mentioned in our K1 Visa Deluxe Package.

K1 Platinum Clients receive:

Same as K1 Deluxe,
1. Getting your I-129F Petition done correctly

2. Assisting you both through the process of your Medical and US Embassy Interview
3. Assisting your fiancée through the process of completing CFO Seminar
4. Assisting your fiancée with their U.S. Port of Entry

In addition, Platinum Clients will receive:

Ongoing support, once you’re both married within the first 90 days.

Once your married AOS is required

Once the couples has completed the marriage process within the first 90 days.

You will contact your K1 Visa coach about your marriage.

Your coach, once again will gather vital information that is required for all of the USCIS forms.

This is called Adjustment of Status:

This information has to be carefully placed on all of the forms to insure a smooth process, so that your now spouse will be able to legally live permanently in the U.S.

Obtain employment and get a chance to return back to their Country in the event of a family emergency?

This process is ongoing support for 3 applications all filed together at the same time.

  • Adjustment of Status 
  • Employment Authorization 
  • Advance Parole

Purchase K1 Visa US Embassy Support $200.
US Embassy Support – What does $200. get you?

This is for anyone who has a Filipina Fiancee but was not one of our K1 Deluxe or Platinum Clients?

If you have received your I-797 Notice of Action Approval Letter (NOA2) for an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee.

You are not sure that you or your Filipina fiancee have to do or how to prepare?

Your both nervous and feel that the process of getting through a medical exam and US Embassy interview is going to be overwhelming?


For $200. you could have less worry and more piece of mind!

  • First we will discuss your case over the phone or online, to see if you truly meet all of the requirements?
  • Both the sponsor and beneficiary will receive a password to our K1 Client password protected pages, that offer illustrations and specific instructions on how and when to obtain required supporting documents? 
  • You will be instructed on how and what to gather in order to prove to interviewers that the relationship is genuine and sincere?
  • Both sponsor and beneficiary will be instructed on what other supporting documents to gather, from both the U.S. and Philippines government in order to be complete?
  • We offer non-immigrant visa application DS-160 Support.
  • We will complete the sponsors I-134 Affidavit of Support and instruct you about which financial supporting documents are going to be used in your fiancees interview?
  • We will schedule your U.S. Embassy interview and medical exam at St. Luke’s Manila.
  • We will schedule an online case file review and mock interview for your fiancee.
  • After the interview, we will further instruct your fiancee on how to receive her visa packet and then proceed to CFO for her required seminar?
  • Finally we will assist your fiancee on how to prepare for her US Port of entry and which documents are needed as well as what possible questions she or he will be asked at the US immigration check point?

CR1 Spouse Visa Package $525.
CR1 / IR1 Spouse Visa – what does $525. get you?

Getting married in the Philippines or already have a spouse there?


The process for any foreigner who desires to get married in the Philippines, can be cumbersome to say the least!

Anyone who is married newly weds or married less than two years will apply for the CR1 Visa.

Anyone who is married two years and above will be applying for the IR1 Visa.


For a one time fee of $525. heres what we offer to do for you?

  • Complete the required USCIS forms for you and you both will just sign.
  • Any supplimental attachments will be created by us.
  • Both sponsor and beneficiary will have a coach to guide you every step of the way, from start to finish.
  • The government includes Philippines and US with an average processing time of 12 to 15 months?
  • You’re coach will assist you both as soon as USCIS & the National Visa Center starts to communicate with you?
  • Each and everytime communication is received, we will examine it for you and instruct you on what to do next?
  • You’re coach will assist the sponsor with the I-864 Affidavit of Support and further instruct on which supporting documents will be needed?
  • You’re coach will assist you both on when and how to obtain all needed supporting documents to send to NVC for further processing?
  • Once the Interview is scheduled your coach will assist your spouse on how to prepare for the medical exam and embassy interview?
  • Once the visa has been delivered and in hand, we will assist you on the procedure for applying and paying for the permanent resident card.

Adjustment fo Status $325.
Adjustment of Status – What does $325. get you?

Warning! Do not allow several months to pass after your married to file for a change of status!

After you marriage has been done within the first 90 days you must not allow yourself to be out if status, otherwise you could face deportation?

Our K1 Deluxe clients will move on to this step, or if they are confident in doing it theirselves, they can?

For anyone who was not our client and is newly wedded to a Filipino, you may avail this service?

For a one time fee of $325. here is what we offer to do for you?

  • We will gather up from you all of the required information that is required with USCIS?
  • We will instruct the couple of all required documents, records, forms etc.. Everything thats going to be needed for USCIS?
  • This process tends to be much more time cosuming as well as very important to gather and file correctly to avoid major set backs?
  • This is a three (3) application process. All will be filed together to the same office of USCIS.
  • The filing fee which includes bio-metrics is $1,225.00 payable to the US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.
  • We will be completing you’re Adjustment of Status (AOS) to allow you to get your two (2) year conditional resident card.
  • We will be completing you’re Employment Auhtorization Document (EAD) to allow you to work legally.
  • We will be completing you’re Advance Parole (AP) to allow you to re-enter the USA in case you have an emergency in the Philippines?
  • Once you have obtained all 3 applications, and all supporting documents, financial documents, Philippines & US required documents, we will then further instruct you on the correct way to place everything together and where to mail it too?
  • We will be available to you for further questions about upcoming bio-metrics and couples interviews?
  • And finally, you will have access to our password protected page, that instructs you further on how to prepare when it is time to have the condition removed? Once you reach this part, you should be eligible for you’re (10) year green card?

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