K3 Visa

K3 Spouse Visa Philippines

Updated 02/2017 As of February 1st, 2010, filing both the I-130 followed by the I-129F and then approved by USCIS and then sent to the National Visa Center – NVC, or in most case when USCIS would approve the I-130 petition before the I-129F, the availability of , as well as the need for the non immigrant K3 Visa ends and is purged from the system, indefinitely.

If both of the petitions have been approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS then forwarded to the National Visa Center – NVC or when USCIS approved your petition I-130 before they approved your filed I-129F, then the availability of, as well as the need for, the non immigrant K3 Visa would end indefinitely.

If the NVC receives both an approved I-130 petition and an approved I-129F petition: The non-immigrant K-3 visa case will be administratively closed.

A near 90% of K3 visa petitions since early 2011 are now being converted automatically to the CR1 Visa by the USCIS. In some cases we have even had some go through as IR1 Visas, Immediate Relative Visas for married couples who have been married two years or quickly approaching the two year anniversary mark.

Since 2011 was a year of learning about the new changes with K3 Visas versus the CR1 Visas, we feel that filing for the K3 Spousal Visa would no longer be in your best interest.

It is our best recommendation now that all married couples go the CR1 Spousal Visa route, or the IR1 Visa route depending on how many years the couple has been legally married?

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