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Our Philippines to USA K1, CR1, Visa service has been helping hundreds of couples who have come to us from Colorado Springs, CO. either through word of mouth or by finding us on the internet.

With our office in Orlando, FL and the Philippines and now in Coudersport, PA we look forward to making 2014 a great year for Colorado Springs, CO. residence. We want to place special focus on Colorado Springs, CO. to insure that more new couples can be together faster and we’re able to do it for a modest fee.

We’ll first counsel with you and your fiancée over the phone or in a three way chat then make sure the two of you are able to meet the USCIS requirements. Then we will offer you both our unlimited communication from start to finish.

We use email, Skype, Yahoo, phone and text as the main ways to communicate both with the sponsor and beneficiary. This will go on until both of you are finally in each others arms.

We fill out all the papers you both just sign. We will instruct you both on printing, and finally we will instruct the sponsor on how to lay everything out for the final submission to USCIS.

Once the I-129F or CR1 Petition has been approved, we’ll then gear your fiancée or wife for her US Embassy Interview with the US Embassy in Manila Philippines. This is what we call our Deluxe Package and costs you $300.

If you like to take this whole process from start to finish, then we can also complete your fiancées Adjustment of Status, Employment Authorization and Advance Parole which has to come after the marriage to your fiancée in the USA. This will cost you and additional $300. Or you can just pay for the whole package for $600. This is known as out Platinum package.

Want the straight facts on how you can petition your Filipina Fiancee from the Philippines to Colorado Springs, CO.?

Give us a call so that we can consult with you before or after you have met your Fiancee in person.

It’s FREE… no hassles, just ask your questions and we’ll give you the best answers so that you and your Fiancee know where you stand in the mess of red tape?

We can tell you all about the latest 2014 requirements of USCIS.

We can assist you on how to fix certain problems to get on track with meeting the requirements.

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