Nonimmigrant Fee

U.S. Embassy Manila Philippines Nonimmigrant Visa Application Fee

K1 Applicants all will be instructed on where, when, and how to do this!

Step 1

This process can only be done when the sponsor has received the Letter of Eligibility with the (MNL CASE NUMBERwhich is the final step in being able to get an interview appointment.

Please note, that only the K1 Applicant can pay for this in the Philippines and must do so at any (BPI) Bank of the Philippines Island branch (SAVINGS or Family Bank).

Step 2

If You Have K2 Children:

Another IMPORTANT REMINDER is that if there are any K2 Children that are part of the process, then the same process must also be done for them as well. Except you must print another brand new deposit slip with a new receipt number on it.

Step 3

Payment of Each Applicant:

Each Applicant must submit a payment of $265.00 at the BPI Bank in order to be scheduled for the interview at the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. Payments must be paid to BPI Bank in Pesos.

Step 4

Each Applicant K1 / K2 will need the following items to present to the BPI Bank teller upon arrival.

1. Philippines Passports must be shown at BPI Bank one of each applicant.

2. Also from each applicant the USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip, printed in PORTRAIT and must fit only on one piece of paper. 8.5 x 11.5 short bond paper.

3. And the correct amount of $265.00 payable in pesos.

Step 5

Step By Step Printing Instructions Below

When you go to print out the USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip, you must tell the internet cafe attendant that it needs to be printed out in “PORTRAIT” and must all fit only on one page otherwise BPI may refuse it? Also Do not print the USA VISA FEE DEPOSIT SLIP unless you plan to go to BPI to pay the fee within (5) days.

Instructions to give the internet cafe attendant:

1. Open this link in google chrome
2. Next open google chrome tools and click on print;

3. The print preview will show in portrait on two pieces of paper;
4. You must print this out in portrait only on one piece of paper short bond;
5. Color settings can be turned off or set to black and white;
6. Next look for the link MORE SETTINGS and click on that;
7. Next look for a drop down tab called MARGINS and click on that please select NONE;
8. Next print out one page per applicant.

Step 6

If you have any K2 children, then you will need to print theirs out the same as yours. But IMPORTANT to remember that you have to open a new window of the USA Visa Fee Deposit Slip to print out your child’s, because it will have a new (Deposit number). Failing to do this will mean that BPI will not accept the K2 childs.

Click here to get the USA VISA FEE DEPOSIT SLIP now!

  1. This visa fee deposit slip must be used to make payment at the bank on or before the expiration date noted above.
  2. A separate visa fee deposit slip is required for each applicant (i.e. one applicant, one receipt). No bulk or group payments are allowed from this visa fee deposit slip.
  3. At the time of payment, proceed to the bank’s BPI Express Assistant (BEA) machine and key-in the type of transaction to be made. Choose the visa class you are applying for and type the receipt number found at the upper right hand corner of this visa fee deposit slip. The machine will then print a number slip. When the number
    flashes on the screen, proceed to the bank teller at the counter.*
  4. Provide the bank copy of this receipt to the bank teller.
  5. Pay the exact amount mentioned in this visa fee deposit slip.

Note: * Not all BPI branches have BEA machines. In the event, please proceed to Instruction #4 above.

Arriving at a BPI:

Once you arrive to the BPI please ask the guard if BEA Machines are available and if so you may ask the guard to assist you in getting a number so that you can proceed to a bank teller.