Relationship Proof

Documenting that you have a sincere relationship. 

k1 fiance visa sincere relationship proofNovember 03, 2018
All K1 Fiance Visa applicants are required to provide that they have a genuine, sincere relationship with the sponsor. Interviewers are determined to find out if you truly know your fiance and that you have a sincere desire to marry him?

Both the sponsor and the intending immigrant which is you the K1 Applicant are required to save all documentation that the relationship has been developing through the course of time.

Even in this day and age, there are some important items that many couple do not think about using to prove they have an ongoing relationship with each other. Interviewers want to see documentation! They want proof! They want to see real documentation and not hear say only!

Many couples communicate constantly through Skype, or Yahoo, or Viber and WeChat Applications. These are are all very awesome and useful tools that help keep your relationship alive. These are the tools that provide oxygen that keeps your relationship flourishing.

Those same tools are also free and most of them do not offer the users a way to save or print out as documentation to show an interviewer during your K1 Visa interview. Basically all you can do here is say we communicate on any one  of these devices and to an interviewer this is not enough proof!

No matter what the couple has done in the beginning, it is still not to late for them to start making more tangible documentation for their interview.  

Follow these steps, to increase your chances during the interview.

K1 Visa applicants should be aware that while attending their US Embassy Interview, the most important reason for being their, is to prove that you have a genuine relationship with the sponsor also known as your fiance.

Interviewers have a job to do and it is to find out if the couple is truly in love with one another and if so, then how do they communicate with each other and did they take the time to save, and print out all documentation of their relationship?
It simply is not enough for the K1 applicant to tell an interviewer that her and her fiance chat on Skype 24/7.

You both should use all available means of communication.

Electronic Communication tops the list.
Save and print all e mails, Facebook, instant messages, e cards,

Postal Letter Communication is very convincing. 
Send each other letters, special occasion cards, post cards packages. Save envelopes with the letters, save postal receipts.

Phone call records of bills. 
Both couple should call each other at least once a month even if the call is 5 to 10 minutes only. This is very helpful and you need to save records of the billing statements. High light all incoming and outgoing calls to each other.

Monetary Support. 
If the sponsor provides any financial support to his fiancee, then both the sponsor and the beneficiary should save all receipts that they collect. Western Union, Money gram, Xoom or anything else.

K1 Visa Applicants, who attend the interview.

When the K1 Fiancee goes to the US Embassy to attend her interview, it will be very helpful to have all of the documented proof of an ongoing relationship items, placed in titled folders. Remember your interview is like a presentation of you and your fiance sponsor. A well put together presentation gets noticed and you are much more likely to receive an approval with far less questions asked, then an applicant who attends their interview with just a few pieces of paper in hand.