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Commission on Filipinos Overseas

Updated 10/2018 After receiving your K1 Visa You Must Attend (PDOS)








Filipino emigrants or those leaving the country to settle permanently abroad are required to register with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), and attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) or Peer Counseling Session. Topics discussed include travel regulations, immigration procedures, cultural differences, settlement concerns, employment and social security concerns, and rights and obligations of Filipino migrants.

The PDOS is for emigrants aged 20-59 years old who are petitioned by their parents, siblings, or immediate relatives, including independent applicants. The Peer Counseling Program is for emigrants aged 13-19 years old.

To attend the Pre-Departure Orientation/Peer Counseling Program at CFO Manila, CFO Cebu, CFO Clark and CFO Davao, clients are required to use the RESERVATION and REGISTRATION (R&R) Online System.

No need to photocopy any registration document
No need to submit ID photos 

  • Original valid passport
  • Original valid visa
  • One (1) valid identification (ID) card with photograph (see list of valid IDs)
  • Payment of PhP400.00 registration fee
  • Attendance in the PDOS or Peer Counseling session
  • Original of the following country-specific documents:
  • US-bound K1 / K2 Immigrant Data Summary. This is the U.S. Embassy Visa Packet that 2go delivers.
  • Additional forms of ID go (here..)
  • Additional items to bring for K1 Applicants.
    Couples photo scrapbook / Sponsors financial supporting documents / Sponsors divorce decrees / 
    proof of ongoing relationship, emails, chat logs, phone bill, postal letters, financial support receipts.
  • Philippines law requires Filipinos between age 18-21 to provide written consent letter from parents that you have been consulted about marriage?
  • Filipinos between age 22-25 must only give verbal consent that you where verbally counselled by parents about marriage.


CFO has 4 Locations to select from. See Maps & Contact information (here..)

Online scheduling for attendance to PDOS in CFO MANILA
Online scheduling for attendance to PDOS in CFO CEBU 
Online scheduling for attendance to PDOS in CFO CLARK 
Online scheduling for attendance to PDOS in CFO DAVAO 








You will receive a copy of your certificate of attendance

Dear Anthony! You were absolutely correct about CFO being very strict and asking for a lot of proof of a relationship and proof of income, proof of singleness, proof of meeting and my notarized Attorneys letter with my parent’s signatures on it about the parental counselling to me. I must say CFO is one hundred times stricter and nerve racking than the U.S. Embassy Interview. I can see where a lot of other girls were maybe failing at the CFO Seminar as they struggled to provide the proof that was being asked for? Thank God for your great counsel and instructions, MORE POWER to FilAm Immigration Services!