US Embassy Support

Manila Philippines, American Consulate. 

Manila Philippines, is the location of the United States of America Embassy that provides US Citizen Services and Visa Interviews for Filipinos who desire to travel abroad to any of the U.S.A. and U.S. Territories.

Two of the most sought after visas, are the K1 Fiancee and CR1 Spouse visa. The US Embassy of Manila Philippines, is one of the TOUGHESTWorld wide! Interviewers are always on the look out for insincere relationships and non bona-fide marriages which has always made it more difficult for those trying to get the K1 Fiancee Visa or the CR1 Spousal visa.

Denials are very high for many reasons, but with professional help, you can increase your approval chances greatly.

Our Full US Embassy Support Package Just $200.00 If you paid for our K1 Deluxe package or K1 Platinum package, you already have this as part of our ongoing support to you. But if you where not our client and are looking for US Embassy support, then we can help you.

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This is what you get as one of our clients, when you include
U.S. Embassy Support as part of your K1 Fiancee Visa processing.

  • We offer both sponsor and beneficiary ongoing support through the following methods?
    Email – USA Phone – Philippines Mobile – Skype – Viber – WhatsApp –Facebook Messenger.
  • Both sponsor and beneficiary, will be immediately informed of what items are needed and how to prepare the U.S. Embassy Case files.
  • We will instruct the sponsor on how to properly put together, required financial documents and we will prepare the sponsors I-134 Affidavit of Support for him.
  • Next, we will make sure that the sponsor has all required items that will be used in the U.S. Embassy Interview and then instruct him how to expedite the needed items into the beneficiaries hands.
  • We will also be instructing the beneficiary on what items she must procure on her end while waiting for the sponsors package to arrive?
  •  We will guide the beneficiary on how to properly complete the non-immigrant visa application and help her to verify the Confirmation?
  •  If Applicable we will instruct the beneficiary on what to do about other Country police records or Certificates?
  •  Once the beneficiary has informed us that she has received the package of required items from the sponsor? We will schedule an online Case File  Review.
  • We will instruct the sponsor about required fees that will be paid for in the Philippines by the beneficiary for non-immigrant visa application and Medical costs.
  • We will announce to the beneficiary on how, when and where to pay the non-immigrant visa application fee?
  • We will schedule the U.S. Embassy Interview Appointment and instruct the beneficiary of the date and time to arrive to St. Luke’s Extension clinic for the K1 Medical examination.
  • We will also instruct the beneficiary on what items to bring to the St. Luke’s Medical examination?
  • Depending on travel plans of the beneficiary, we will schedule either before or after the medical examination an online “Mock Interview” for the final preparation of the interview.
  • Once the U.S. Embassy Interview is done and your Fiancee has received an approval, we will instruct you both on how to do visa follow up’s for tracking.
  • As part of the ongoing support we will also instruct your Fiancee on how to prepare for her mandatory, CFO Seminar, with cost, and how to prepare for that?
  • Both the sponsor and the beneficiary will have access to our Client Password Protected pages which are full of valuable information as well as step-by-step image examples.
We’re not finished just YET!
Your Fiancee will also receive a final notice before her Philippines departure to the U.S.A.
We will instruct her on what important items to have on her person during her U.S. Port of entry.