K1 Sponsors letter to IMBRA on finding each other

It is mandatory for all petitioners, to provide a simple letter that will explain to USCIS / IMBRA.

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.

How you and your Filipina Fiancee found each other?

Below, is our template to help sponsors know how to prepare their letter.


This letter will be a supplemental attachment to your I-129F Page 8 Question 54 & 55

Start it off like this below example;


I-129F Petition For Alien Fiancee

Supplemental Letter on how we found each other Page 8 Question 54/55

To Whom it may Concern;

I, Sponsors first middle & last name, used the free Social Network, Facebook.com as a tool for
finding Beneficiaries first middle and last name,


Then include the following information in your letter. Please keep the letter short not going over half a page.


  • Menton the date you found each other?
  • Mention all of the ways you use to communicate to each other?
  • Mention things that you both have in common?
  • Mention the dates that you arrived and left from meeting each other in person?
  • Mention the highlights of your trip?
  • Mention some reasons you want to be together?
  • Then end it with why you want to petition Grace to the USA with the K1 Visa?


Email this back to me I will check it and place it in a template then email it back to you to print out and sign

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