K2 Children

K1 Fiance(e) and K2 Children 

 Updated 02/2017

My Fiancee has children, can they come too? These are known as K2 Visas for children. In some cases it is not always favorable to include the children of your Fiance(e) if the sponsor is unable to meet the Poverty Guidelines (Click here…)You might also be interested in knowing that the United States Government will also allow your Fiancee’s children to migrate with him or her as derivatives to the K1 Visa.

If you are unsure about the process of including your Fiancee’s children, then you are welcome to call FilAm Immigrations to speak with a counselor to establish whether or not you may use a joint sponsor or possibly petition the children later in life?

Also for those who do include their Fiancee’s K2 children, it is sometimes difficult to bring the whole bunch over at the same time, or sometimes kids are still finishing up the school year.

So USCIS has given you and your Fiancee the option after you are both married to come back to pick-up the kids as long as it is done before 12 months has passed.

In order for a child of your Fiancee to qualify for a K2 Visa they must not be over the age of 21 or must not already be married.

The children of your fiancee can be included on the K1 Fiancee Visa if you the sponsor want them to be a part of the visa by allowing them to be granted a K2 Child visa.

You must first check that you meet the poverty guidelines before attempting this and you must be sure that the children of your fiancee are not married already themselves or approaching age 21, as there is an age requirement rule that must be met.

We will not charge extra for your fiancees children through the I-129F Petition process or the US Embassy process. And we do not charge any extra for one child later on who is adjusting their status toward becoming permanent residents in the USA.

We do however charge an additional fee for more than one child. Each additional child who will be adjusting their status toward permanent residence in the USA will be charged $75.00