Possible questions to be asked during a K1 Fiancee Visa Interview in Manila Philippines


Updated – 2015

Please beware that these are the most commonly asked questions during an Interview at the US Embassy, depending on how well established your proof or relationship is and how well the I-129F petition was submitted, will have significant bearing on what questions will be asked as well as how many?

Last but not least the way your Alien fiancé(e)answers the questions shall also be an indication whether or not the Interviewing officer will question them more in depth?

The job of the officer is to see if they can catch your Alien fiancé(e) in a lie or cause them to break down as if being interrogated. This is why our service provides a full US Embassy support to your Alien fiancé(e) preparing them well in advance before the actual Interview takes place.



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The below questions are only possible interviewer questions. Beware that every case is slightly different and questions also vary from interviewer to interviewer.

FilAm Immigrations, is experienced in evaluating your K1 Visa case and can most likely simulate all of the actual questions during our online support mock interview that we conduct with all of our clients.


How did you meet your fiance(e)?

How long have you known each other?

When did you meet in person?

When was the last time you met your fiancé(e)?

Where did you meet?

When did your fiancé(e) propose?

What do you love about your fiancé(e)?

Where do you plan to travel in the USA?

Have you ever been to the USA?

If yes, on what kind of visa?

And how long did you stay?

When did you return back to your Country?

What is your birthday?

What is your fiancé(e)s birthday?

Where was your fiancé(e)born?

What does your fiancé(e) do for a living?

Where does your fiancé(e) work?

What is your fiancé(e)s designation at work?

Does your fiancé(e) have any brothers or sisters?

Where does your fiancé(e) live?

Where do your fiancé(e)s parents live?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

What do your parents think about this engagement?

Do they approve of it?

When did your fiancé(e) divorce?

Why did your fiancé(e)s first marriage not work out?

Does your fiancé(e) have any children? How many, how old?

Do they live with your fiancé(e)?

Are you willing to take care of your fiancé(e)s children if they live with him/her?

When and where are you going to have the wedding?

How much time has you and your fiancé(e) spent together?

Did you have an engagement party?

Can you produce pictures of the party?

Did you make a formal announcement of your engagement to your family and friends?

How do your families feel about your plans to get married?

What are your fiance(e)’s hobbies and interests?

What color is your fiance(e)'s car?

What are your hobbies and interests?

What is your fiancé(e) current salary?

What do you do for a living?

Do you know if your fiance(e) was married before?  

Did you know that your fiancé(e) was divorced?

Where do you plan to live in the United States?

How long have you been corresponding with your fiancé(e)?

Do you have any wedding plans?

How long has your fiancé(e) lived at his/her current address?

What is your fiance(e)’s religious background?

What is your religious background?

Does your fiance(e) speak and understand your language?

Do you speak and understand your fiance(e)'s language?

How much did your fiancé(e) spend for his/her last trip to see you?

Has your fiancé(e) ever been convicted of a crime?

How do you two communicate?

Why do you want to come to the United States?

What is your fiance(e)'s name?

How do you spell his last name?

How long has your fiancé(e) been in the USA?

Are you a terrorist?

What are your other names?

How many days a week does your fiancé(e) work?

What is the name of your fiancé(e) ex-wife?

When do you plan on entering the US?

What can you tell me about the state where your fiancé(e) lives?

When do you plan on leaving upon entry to the US?

Are you planning to have children?

Have you ever met your fiance(e)'s father or mother?

Have you ever been denied a visa to any country?

What is your fiancé(e)'s phone number? 

Email address?

How often do you talk to each other?

How old is he?

What does his father do?

When are you planning to get married?

What state are you going to get married in?

How many times have you been married?

How old are your fiance(e)'s children?