K1 Requirements

Philippines K1 requirements Updated – 01/2018

U.S. Citizens and Fiancées living in the Philippines

The U.S. Citizen is called the Sponsor or Petitioner
The Alien Fiancée is called the Beneficiary or Alien


Free to marry. If either one of you been married before then you must provide certified copies of your divorce decree and or death certificate from all previous marriages.

You both should be legal age for marriage according to your Country, or state rules?

Many places permit you to be married if at least age 18.

You both must not have any particular felony type records according to IMBRA.

See IMBRA rules to learn more (Go here…)


K1 Visa Beneficiary:

If the Filipino Fiancée has lived or worked in other Countries for up to 6 months, they will be most likely be required to obtain police records from all of the Countries lived or worked in.

Such records can only be gathered at the time your petition is approved by USCIS.

Learn more on other Country Police records (Go here…)

If applicable, the Filipino Fiancées children must be mentioned on the petition even if the children will not be a part of the K1/K2 process? The children can be a part of the process, if the sponsor meets the poverty guidelines and if the children are under the age of 21.

All beneficiaries including children who will be coming are required to have the following documents upon attending a US Embassy Interview.
Philippine Statistics Authority Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate.

Your Alien Fiancée will need Philippine Statistics Authority Certificate of no Marriage at the time of the US Embassy Interview. Also NBI Clearance is required in all names used. So if you been married before and had another name you must get NBI clearance for that name as well.

Your Alien Fiancée must be able to pass a stringent medical examination at St. Luke’s Medical clinic. Children who will be coming also must undergo the medical examination.


K1 Visa Sponsor:

Sponsors are required to provide the following documents all that apply to you?

U.S. Birth Certificate, U.S. Passport, if applicable to you, provide proof of Citizenship, Certified Police and Court records for Felonies or other serious crimes no matter how long ago or even if expunged?

During the U.S. Embassy Interview Sponsors must provide all supporting documents to prove you have an income sufficient enough to care for an Alien Fiancée and or children? If the sponsor has partial or whole custody of dependent children you must count them in addition to your Alien Fiancée and children. Required documents needed during the U.S. Embassy Interview are:

— Latest Tax year IRS records which ever apply to you example schedule 1040.

— Latest W-2 statement

— Proof that you have been employed for six months at the time of the interview?

— 6 to 12 months of Employee pay-stubs or direct deposit proof in checking account statements that date back to at least 6 months?

— If retired then show past 1 year of checking account statements. (direct deposits)

— If collecting Social Security show past 1 year of checking account statements. (direct deposits)

— If you fall short of the poverty guidelines then you may use certain Assets.

 Find out where you stand with meeting the poverty guidelines (Go here…)


K1 Visa Proof of Meeting:

Both must meet in person physically as a requirement of USCIS in order to file a petition for Alien Fiancée.

In almost all cases the Sponsor is the one who needs to travel to the Philippines or whichever Country the beneficiary is residing at?
Proof of Meeting (Go here…)

Getting your beneficiary Fiancée a Tourist / Visitor Visa is almost always certain to end up in failure? Learn More (Go her…)

Wherever you the Sponsor travel at to meet your Alien Fiancée, remember that you want to make the most out of your trip, even if for only a week? Have yourself a large envelop to toss all your accumulated receipts, etc.. into.

Save Trip itinerary, Boarding pass stubs, Hotel vouchers and receipts, transportation receipts, restaurant receipts, grocery receipts, gift receipts, money exchange receipts, ATM receipts, bring those all back to the States with you for use in your petition to USCIS as these will serve proof you been in the Country that your Alien Fiancée lives.

In addition to that you will make photo copies of your U.S. Passport biographic page and also copies of your visa pages that show arrival and departure stamps.

Lastly while visiting your Alien Fiancée you want to be sure to make several good quality couples photos. See Couples Photos examples (Go here…)

While you are together, you both can also go have made required 2×2 passport style photos to put in the petition. USCIS photo requirements (Go here…)

You can also get USCIS forms online for free and bring you’re Alien Fiancée hers to sign (Go here…)


K1 Visa Proof of an Ongoing Relationship

Both of You Need to do this.

There is no set time frame imposed on couples about the length of their relationship from the time they meet in person to the time of the US Embassy Interview?

Often time couples find each other online then in as little as two months they meet in person and after the meeting in person the Sponsor files the Alien Fiancée petition at USCIS.

Approximately 3 to 4 months later they have an interview scheduled and then another couple of weeks later, the Alien Fiancée has the K1 Visa in her hand.

Sometimes the problem with too short of relationship development means not enough accumulated items to show interviewers that the relationship is genuine and sincere? This is even more of a problem if the beneficiary is very young and the sponsor is very old?

 It is highly recommended to have a little of everything to throw in the pot and if you are light on some things then go extra heavy with another.
Relationship Proof (Go here…)


Electronic Communication:

 Saved emails to each other, FB messages or print screen walls, e-cards, viber, yahoo, anything save-able that can be printed?

Postal Letters:

Any saved letters together with their envelopes or post cards.

Phone Bill Records:

Sponsor provides these. All calls to the Philippines that show your fiancées phone number high light with yellow. If your fiancée called you, then high light her incoming calls with pink high light.

Monetary Support:

 Both of you might have accumulated receipts from sending and receiving money? Western Union Money Gram, XOOM possibly some other sources? Both sponsor & beneficiary gather all receipts for the interview and CFO Seminar.

Gift receipts and photos:

 If either one of you had sent gifts to each other and saved receipts for proof of purchase, receipts for deliver services and took pictures holding the package and pictures holding the gift, please provide all of those for interview and CFO Seminar.

Proof of meeting:

 Best to have a scrapbook full of pictures of the couple together. Also an envelope filled with receipts accumulated on each trip for hotels, food, restaurant, gifts, transportation, airline stubs, trip itinerary etc..


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  • $1,460.00 Total All Fees.

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