K1 Visa Timeline

k1 fiance visa time lineAs of 01/20/2017 New Administration new Secretary of State.

What does this all mean for the K1 Fiance(e) visa program of the United States?
Just my opinion only. I think if the POTUS does get the seven Countries block for a period of time then it will free up some USCIS workers in a way that petitions of every kind including K1 Fiance(e) visa would be paid attention a bit faster which could mean we’ll see I-129F Petitions approved faster as in at least a couple of months?

If the Immigration block toward the seven Countries does not happen then waiting time could probably still be at 5 to 6 months for a K1 Fiance(e) visa to be approved. These are only the site owners opinions.

2015 & 2016 where streamlining years

k1-fiance-visa.comIf the couple hires FilAm Immigration Services, then you can expect a 24 to 48 hour petition processing meaning we’ll have your petition done correctly and the couple just signs.

k1-fiance-visa.comThen you can consider at least another week to two weeks for the sponsor to have their I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee ready to file at the USCIS K1 Unit in Dallas TX.

k1-fiance-visa.comNow depending which state you live in can greatly depend on how quickly your petition will be approved? I have seen petitions literally get approved within two weeks and many others not get approved until after six weeks.

k1-fiance-visa.comIn any case our average K1 Couple has been approved, in two (2) to  six (6) weeks!
Followed by about 4 to 6 weeks of granted their Case number.
————- Then a clinical examination and one week later US Embassy Interview take place.
————- Then about 10 to 14 working days for the visa to arrive.
————- Followed by another one to two weeks to attend CFO pre-departure Orientation Seminar.
————- And then Exiting the Philippines bound to the USA.

k1-fiance-visa.comSo the bottom line is?
If the Couple is a good qualifying couple with little to know hang-ups in their process, They can expect to be on US soil within 3 to 4 months.

k1-fiance-visa.comThe key to accomplishing this is based on your petition going in clean, referring to no criminal convictions or a host of other hang-ups!

k1-fiance-visa.comThe Couple moving through with each step in a timely manner, can greatly make the difference!

Having no hang-up’s such as having to gather other Country police records, will help considerably!
————- Following our instructions ever step of the way!