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We’re a FilAm Couple 

November 04, 2018

It was in early 2003 when we became a pen-pal program offering free print media all over the USA to anyone that so desired to contact us and request the free information that we offered. We called ourselves Fishing New Waters Pen pal program.

Before that I to used a Pen pal program, which was also how I met my Filipina wife and petitioned her to Florida in early 2002.The process was painstakingly long and very difficult during that time frame as USCIS then was formerly known as INS.INS had an 8 month waiting period just for an I-129F Petition to get approved and by the time the interview was completed and a fiancee arrived to the USA you would have up to 10 months of waiting.

Also at that time, widespread internet in the Philippines and internet cafes simply were not in an abundance as they are today. So writing postal letters and using calling cards was pretty much all we had, which really made communicating and developing a relationship on the other side of the world very difficult.

But when you love runs deep the way our’s did, all the hardships of finally being together was well worth the long wait.So once married, we decided to create our own Pen pal program which took off immediately turning a supplemental income into a full time and rewarding income for us.

We enjoyed our clients and many of them have continued being our friends for all the years. The true “REWARD” was bringing Couples together.With a near total of 5,000 Filipinas asking us to help them find a marriage minded guy, we had to put together an informative book telling our story and educating old school guys about the Philippines, it’s culture, the people there, about their Christian faith and why Filipina women were among the most desired lady’s to marry.

In a period of 4 years, we stayed busy introducing American men to the Philippines and allowing them to communicate with any of our Filipina Pen pal ladies. We assisted those American men about how to communicate with Filipinas.

How to prepare for their trip and about the culture shock they may experience in the Philippines.The BIGGEST and most important of all that we provided was a top-notch service that helped and guided both the American Citizens and the Filipio Citizens on how to obtain the needed K1 FIANCEE VISA.

Other services at the time simply where not doing that! I just new that we had to be better than that!This was the bulk of FilAm Immigration Services, Couples in which we have assisted and guided them through the complete process start to finish in getting a K1 Fiancee Visa.

By late 2005 we decided to bring our Pen pal program to an end, due to the hardship imposed on match making entities. The new US rule was called IMBRA.

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act basically told all match making entities such as us, that you cannot allow the US Citizen to communicate with foreign woman anymore unless you get and FBI background check on each man and share that with each and every lady in your pen pal program.

Yikes!!! Who really wants to do that?So we decided to stop our Pen pal program and created the FilAm Immigration Services, which we carried all of our hundreds of successful pen pal couples over as good credibility points added to our FilAm Immigration Services online business.

Since early 2003 we are still going strong and providing a top notch service, built on honesty, good character and Christian values as we still today guide American men on how to prepare for their trip to the Philippines and we offer both him and his Filipina girl with real up to date information about what needs to be done in order to receive the K1 Fiancee Visa?

We are Bonded & Florida State Certified Immigration Consultants that specialize in marriage-based immigration document preparation.We are background checked by both the FBI & Department of Justice. We will take you through this fiancee visa process from ‘Start-to-Finish’.

We’re here to make everything fast and easy. Our priority is to get your case approved as quickly and as stress-free as possible. FilAm goes the extra mile to insure that you and your Filipino loved one has piece of mind during the process of your USCIS filing.Everyone of the FilAm team has been where most of you are today!

Each one of us knows and understands the pain of separation from that special someone in your life. When FilAm Immigrations reviews your situation, they are doing so as if it was their own loved one being petitioned with an I-129F or I-130 petition.We operate from Orlando Florida USA. and my wife and I are situated to give your Filipina Fiancee all the help she needs from start to finish, insuring you both that she is going to be approved when it is her turn at the US Embassy in Manila Philippines.

Our friendly and informative staff is also there in the Philippines to guide your Fiancee every step of the way.You should consider at least calling us for one of the most friendly, informative phone consultations that you most likely will ever have from anyone!The BEST thing about FilAm Immigration Services, is that we won’t hassle you to sign up with us!

We won’t jump right into the fees and tell you that you need to hop on board now! You listen to us and then take the time together with your Fiancee, then if you’re ready, we’ll be ready too. Make the call, it’s FREE and informative, and will put you in position to see just where you and your Fiancee stand in all of this? We take great pleasure in reuniting Couples! 

Our goal is to make these the best years of your life and not only walk you and your loved one through the process from start to finish but to also make friends out of so many of you.Pick Up your Phone US Callers and dial 321 222 9998