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Updated – 10/11/2014

How to apply for a Fiancee USA Visa?

This is a special privilege for USA Citizens only, Green Card holders are not qualified to file a petition until they have been legally naturalized and obtained US Citizenship. Applying for a K1 Fiancee Visa requires filing form I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee with the USCIS. There are certain criteria's that have to be met in order to be a qualified sponsor to an alien fiancee of the Philippines or any other Country.


What are the requirements for a Fiancee USA Visa?

Meeting the USCIS requirements:

Both couple must be free to marry

Both couple must meet all IMBRA requirements if either has police or court records and or for multiple petition filings if applicable?

Both must have met in person within two years of filing the I-129F petition.

Both must be able to demonstrate through documentation that there is a genuine relationship.

The sponsor must be able to demonstrate that he or she meets the poverty guidelines.

The beneficiary must be able to provide police records from all Countries lived or worked in. 

The beneficiary must be able to provide a civil status record for proof of singleness.

Both must be able to provide birth certificates.

The beneficiary must be able to obtain a passport.

The beneficiary must be able to submit to a stringent physical examination and pass.

The beneficiary should be able to read, write and speak the English language.

The beneficiary should be able to complete the pre-departure orientation.

Both couple must become legally married in the USA or the beneficiary must depart.


How much will the K1 Fiancee Visa cost?

Start to finish from Philippines to the United States:

  1. FilAm Immigration Services fee of $325.00 or $650.00

  2. Next is the USCIS filing fee of $340.00

  3. Next will come five (5) months later two required fees of $240.00 for the non-immigrant visa application then the medical fee of $245.

  4. Next the K1 Fiancee Visa will be delivered now it's time for the pre-departure orientation seminar fee is $20.00

  5. Next is the one-way airline ticket. This is anyones guess??? $600. to $900. on average as of 2014.

  6. Next, after the wedding your now wife must do a change of status which costs $1,070.00 this include employment & advance parole.

  7. No surprises, however if there are K2 children involved all of these fees will double per child.


How much will the K1 Fiancee Visa cost?

The total you will be required to pay from start to finish.


  • $325.      FilAm Immigration Services Fee. (Deluxe)


  • $340.      Filing Fee to United States Government. (No Additional for K2 Children)


  • $245.      Medical Fee to Clinic for adult. (Each additional child $185.00 a child is considered from age 14 or below)


  • $265.      Nonimmigrant Visa Fee to U.S. Embassy. ($265. each additional child)


  • $1,175.00 Total All Fees


How long does the process take to get a K1 Fiancee USA Visa?

After the US sponsor has filed the completed I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee, the USCIS K1 Unit in Dallas TX will send the sponsor a hard copy Notice of Action receipt also known as the I-797C or NOA1. The receipt date tells you that your petition has been submitted into the USCIS system and generally from that date you must wait 5 months for a second (2nd) approval Notice of Action letter known as the NOA2 or I-797.

After 5 months both the sponsor and the beneficiary must prepare more required forms, documents, records & evidence of a bona-fide relationship for the interview. The whole process of bringing your fiancee to the USA legally will most likely eat up 6 six months total.

Every case is different and some cases may be more time consuming than others depending on a number of things such as:

  1. If the sponsor needs to work on meeting the poverty guidelines?

  2. Or if the sponsor needs to bring a joint sponsor into the petition process?

  3. Or if the sponsor needed to obtain police and or court records?

  4. Maybe the sponsor needed more time to obtain divorce decrees for multiple previous marriages?

  5. Maybe the sponsor is needing more time to save needed money for fees associated with the process?

  6. Maybe the beneficiary is still trying to complete an annulment process?

  7. Maybe the beneficiary is having to wait longer to obtain other Country police records?

  8. Maybe the beneficiary was unable to pass the medical examination and is undergoing treatment before going to the interview?

  9. Maybe the beneficiaries K2 Child is unable to pass the medical or is still waiting to finish school?


There are many reasons that the process could be prolonged, as we have seen all of the above mentioned and many more, including if a sponsor or beneficiary fails to mention to us at all about other criminal charges? Or failure to provide adequate or any information about previous marriages in some cases one of the couple may still be married and not known it?

Often time issues come up when the beneficiaries birth certificate has wrong spellings of names or incorrect dates or mislabeled gender? Any of these can become a problem that will slow down the process. Most of these can be fixed but it can some-times take up many more months to do it right.



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