Before I even get started can you please give me a break down of government fees and anything else?

From start to finish, the fees may vary from couple to couple when it comes to her traveling and lodging etc..

But you will decide whether or not you want to hire FilAm or not and if you do then select a package fee Deluxe cost $325 our Platinum is $650

Once your petition is successfully done, the sponsor will have to pay the USCIS filing fee of $535

2 to 3 months later your fiancee will be required to pay $265 for the nonimmigrant visa application fee to attend the U.S. Embassy Interview.

About the same time she will need to also pay for the medical examination which has a fee for adults of $335

Total Amount paid for government fees only! $1,135.

Costs may vary from couple to couple if K2 Children are also a part of the process?