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Updated 07/2017


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Clients may communicate with us on FB Messenger

Start to finish government fees U.S. and Philippines
How much money do I need and is due all at one?

Both the sponsor and beneficiary must have their mug shot made for their permanent record
USCIS Specifications for 2×2 photos


Proof of an Ongoing Relationship
Both the sponsor & beneficiary Continue to do this right up to the interview.

Building your K1 Visa Case Files
Both the sponsor & beneficiary can gather and save supporting evidence before the interview.

Required DS-160 Online Application
The beneficiary will be instructed when to do this after the petition is approved.

Nonimmigrant Visa Application Process
The beneficiary will be instructed when to do this once the case number is issued.

Once We Have Scheduled Your US Embassy Interview Date

K1 Visa Preparation for St. Lukes Manila (SLEC)
Attending SLEC is probably tougher than the actual U.S. Embassy Interview?

US Embassy Possible Interview Questions
At anytime the beneficiary can test themselves with these possible questions.

Check The Status Of Your Visa
You Already Completed Your US Embassy Interview And Need To Know The Status Of Your Visa?

What to do when 2GO delivers your k1 visa packet?
There are plenty of “WARNINGS” Please be careful on how you do this!

How to prepare for CFO Seminar
After your K1 Visa is in your hands, you will need to attend CFO before departing.

U.S. Port of Entry Process
This is a guide for the K1 Visa holder on how to prepare for their US Port of Entry.