Case Files

K1 Fiance Visa US Embassy Interview Preparation.

October 28, 2018
Case Files are built by both the sponsor & the beneficiary throughout the course of the relationship.

If you are the K1 Fiancee and you want to go to the US Embassy Interview in Manila Philippines and deliver a good impression to help you be more successful at getting the K1 Visa, then here are some important steps that will increase your chances?

There are (9) important categories needed. So having (9) folders will be essential. Both the sponsor and the beneficiary can start working on this early, even several months before the interview.

To begin, you should buy at least (9) folders of any color with or without pockets is fine. You can even buy clear transparent folders if you like?

Title each folder legibly on the outside, or preferably on a title tab for quick access. Make your tiles BOLD so the interviewer can notice them.

Attention: Please gather as much as you can for your folders.
But please do not “Panic” because there are still going to be some items that you will not have yet until it is almost time for the interview.


How to prepare case files for the interview?

Folder #1 St. Luke’s 

It is VERY IMPORTANT to bring these items to your medical examination:

  • Original Philippines Passport.
  • Also biographic page from your Philippines passport (1) colored copies please.
  • Bring the online St. Lukes medical form confirmation print out. If you did not do one go (here now..)
  • Bring (4) pieces of your 2 x 2 passport style photos.
  • Bring US Embassy Interview Confirmation Letter (1) copy.
  • Bring I-797 Notice of Action (NOA2) (1) colored copy please.
  • Bring Letter of Eligibility (MNL CASE NUMBER) (1) copy.
  • Bring DS-160 Confirmation page (1) colored copy.
  • Bring PSA Original Birth Certificate (1) original.
  • Bring the correct amount payable in pesos ($335.00) Php 17,025.00 K2 Child Php 9,583.00
  • There may be more that applies to you if you have K2 Children or other medical records?

See Map And Address Of St. Luke’s (Here…)



Beneficiaries Philippines Government items

Folder #2 Beneficiary items

It is VERY IMPORTANT to bring these items to your US Embassy Interview:

  • Original Philippines Passport.
  • Also biographic page from your Philippines passport (1) colored copy.
  • Bring (4) pieces of your 2 x 2 passport style photos.
  • Bring US Embassy Interview Confirmation Letter (1) copy.
  • Bring original St. Luke’s sealed brown envelope.
  • Bring St. Luke’s DS-3025 Vaccination Documentation Worsheet.
  • Bring I-797 Notice of Action (NOA2) (1) colored copy please. Sponsor can scan and email this.
  • Bring Letter of Eligibility (MNL CASE NUMBER) (1) copy.
  • Bring DS-160 Confirmation page (1) colored copy please.
  • Bring PSA Original Birth Certificate (3) originals please.
  • Bring NBI Clearance for USA Visa (1) original.
    Attention if you had more other names such as married names, maiden names you must get NBO in all previous used names also.
  • Bring PSA Certificate of no Marriage to prove your are single (CENOMAR) please have (2) originals.
    Attention if you had more other names such as married names, maiden names you must get CENOMAR in all previous used names also. 
  • (If Applicable) Bring other Country Police records if this applies to you?


Sponsors I-134 and other supporting documents

Folder #3 Sponsors stuff – Everything mention below, except the I-134 can be scanned and emailed from the sponsor.

  • US sponsors Birth Certificate (1) copy only.
    Attention if the sposnor was not born in the USA he must provide photocopies of every page in his US Passport.
  • US sponsors passport pages need (1) colored copies of biographic information.
  • (If Applicable) U.S. Sponsor provide all Divorce decrees or death certificates from previous Marriages. (photocopies)
  • (If Applicable) U.S. Sponsor provide all Police and Court records of Criminal Convictions. (photocopies)
  • Important is the I-134 Affidavit of Support (8) original pages and his real signature.
  • (If Applicable) Sponsors IRS schedule 1040, 1090 or 1099 tax records from the most previous tax year. (photocopies)
  • (If Applicable) W-2 statement from the previous tax year. (photocopies)
  • (If Applicable) If Sponsor is retired provide supporting documents of pension or Social Security. (photocopies)
  • (12) months of checking account statements. (photocopies)
  • (If Applicable) Sponsors last (6 months) of Employee pay-stubs originals. (photocopies)
  • Sponsors who fall short of meeting the poverty guidelines may include supporting documents of their Assets. (photocopies)


Couples proof of a genuine relationship

Folder #4 Electronic Communication 

Since the beginning of the relationship both the sponsor and the beneficiary should be communicating and saving all of their emails. U.S. Embassy interviewers are often times asking to see a minimum of 100 pages of emails!

It is always best for the couple to always start a brand new email instead of ongoing repying off of each others email in an effort to not get email stringers? Doing it this way allows you to print emails one page at a time.

50 emails from the sponsor and 50 emails from the beneficiary.

Email does not include the following items:

  • Yahoo messenger
  • Facebook messenger
  • Skype messenger
  • Viber messenger
  • WhatsApp messenger
  • WeChat messenger

All instant messages can still be included, but are often times not looked at the same way emails are looked at?



Folder #5 Postal Communication 

Very few people are sending postal letters to one another these days due to the cost and length of time it takes to deliver these?

Sometimes especially in the Philippines postal letters end up not getting delivered at all due to laziness or someone tampering with the letters? However, if you and your fiance have successfully sent postal letters to one another, then it is a good idea to include both the letter with its envelope in this folder to be supporting documentation of your relatiosnhip.



Folder #6
Phone Call Records 

Here is another method of communication that not to many people do anymore because of the cost involved and because there are so many online free Aps that work much better? However if the sponsor or beneficiary use this method, then follow the below instructions?

It is best to provide any phone bills that bare the sponsors name on the account showing the letter head of the service provider? The sponsor does not have to include every page for each month, but at least pages showing out going calls to his fiancee in the Philippines? Also incoming calls shall be considered a good proof, if your fiancee is calling you at least once a month?

Highlight only calls made to your fiancee or incoming calls from your fiancee.




Folder #7 Monetary Support 

This folder is for financial aid that the sponsor sent to the beneficiary like Western Union, Money gram, XOOM, or Bank to bank wires.

Please save all of your sending receipts from the sponsor and all of the receiving receipts from the beneficiary. Please place all of these together in the correct order according to their dates.

It is a good ideal to also save and attach all receipts that the beneficiary accumulated while using the money that her sponsor sent to her. The interviewers are likely to investigate how the money is being used? So you should start saving big receipts for things like rent, groceries, electric, medical, or other necessity items?

Please attach all receipts together with the receipt that you saved for receiving the money from your sponsor for each month or week, which ever applies to you if any?


Folder #8 Gift receipts / photos 

If your sponsor ever sent you packages from the USA, or online gifts that where delivered to you, then you should do this.

This can also apply if the beneficiary ever sent packages or online gifts to the sponsor?

Please save all receipts for the purchase of the gift.
Save credit card records also if purchase show on there?
Save all deliver receipts also like LBC, FedEx, DHL, UPS USPS etc….

Always have someone take a whole body picture of you holding the package and then another whole body picture holding what was inside the package?

Later all the receipts, delivery receipts and pictures will be connected together in helping to demonstrate that the relationship is genuine?


Folder #9 Proof of Meeting 

This is an important folder to place all proof of meeting items into. Your sponsor and you could have met in person only one time or many visits, still place all proof in this folder.

You only need to place photo copies of the accumulated receipts in here. However if you have originals then that’s great also?

The receipts should be things like trip itinerary, boarding pass-stubs, hotel vouchers or hotel receipts, transportation receipts, food receipts, restaurant receipts, gift receipts, ATM Machine receipts, Money exchange receipts, park receipts, entertainment receipts, etc…

Please put a copy of the sponsors US Passport page in here to show the arrival and departure stamps that the Bureau of Immigration’s placed inside.
If you have a lot of couples photos, then please place those in a scrapbook and keep that behind this PROOF OF MEETING FOLDER.


Dress for Success is Equally Important in your Interview

How to Prepare Yourself to look outstanding?

Attending your interview is more than just to answer some questions, it is also about appearance.

Dress your best while attending your interview. Remember the interviewer reserves the right of who they want to allow into the the USA. Well dressed, groomed, conducting yourself in a well behaved manner goes a long way at an interview, so dress for success & act like you are applying for a job as the presidents secretary.

The applicants who come to their interview with their arms loaded full of evidence are usually the ones that get approved & are in and out of their interview in 5 to 10 minutes. Carry your case files in a bag or container for organizing everything, properly labeled will look impressive and also helps you to find items quickly.


File Carrier box or File bag
with shoulder strap work best.

Many K1 Applicants also use a large purse with shoulder straps.

It will depend on the amount of documents you will be carrying to your interview?

Keep in mind that you are advised to use as much of the same items when you go to your CFO Seminar which is a Philippines government interview also that is going to have one on one interviewing with a worker and they often times are asking you to show them proof of an ongoing relationship stuff as what we mentioned earlier?

Please be sure to keep everything in a nice presentable orderly fashion after the U.S. Embassy Interview so that when you attend CFO pre-departure Seminar it will be much easier for you? (CFO Learn More..)