Beneficiaries Printing Instructions

This is for the Filipina Fiancee also known as the Beneficiary

Once you have received the first attachment sent to your email, you must follow the below instructions:

How to print sign and gather other needed items?


Step 1

Please be sure that your device has the very latest
version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader on it, in order
to be able to open the USCIS forms? If your forms
look blank then you need the latest version of adobe
acrobat reader.


Step 2

Look for the attachment, Fiancee Letter of Intent

Step 3

Please open the attachment that was sent to your email
and review it for any mistakes? If you notice any mistake
then you will inform me what needs to be changed, by
telling me what needs changing?

Step 4

If everything looks good, then you must print out the
following form on short bond paper, in portrait mode.

Step 5

Fiancee Letter of Intent:
Print (1) copy of your Fiancee Letter of Intent then put
your signature on the line.

It is not required:

(Do not print your name above or below your signature)

Step 6

Please make (1) photocopy of your PSA Birth Certificate
NSO is no longer being accepted

Step 7
Please have made (2) passport style photos.
These need to be 2×2 with white background
Also save the receipt to send to the sponsor.

Step 8

It is always helpful if you can scan your forms and your
2×2 picture then email to me or send to me on FB for a
final review?

Step 9

Once you have all of your forms printed and signed and
you have your birth certificate and 2×2 picture with the
receipt, you can now go to LBC Express and use the 5 day
delivery service to get all of your items to your fiance quickly?

Cost of LBC is around P1,460.

Attention: If your fiance, sponsor is coming to the Philippines 
to pick your portion of the items up, then you do not need to use
LBC Express.


Below is USCIS Specification for your 2×2 photo
















You will either send your fiance sponsor the above items or
hand them to him once he arrives to the Philippines?





Do not ORDER or SEND any of the following items
as mentioned below?

These are not needed until the US Embassy interview
shall take place in about 7 months.


Not needed:


  • NBI Clearance
  • Police clearance
  • Passport photocopies