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Take a closer look at FilAm Immigration and compare our fees with our competitors fees and you’ll learn that we offer you and your Filipina Fiancee more service for a much more modest fee.

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Cyber Dating has it’s pros and cons.

The world has become a much smaller place since the age of internet and dating sites.
We can practically go anywhere in the world to chat and find new and interesting friends of any culture. Many have and will continue to find love abroad and will learn all about the pros and cons to cyber dating.

Once a couple has found each other and both have declared their love and intentions for each other, they both now want to get married.

In Search of The Best Service?

We have been told time and time year after year that most online services as well as Attorney and Lawyers will keep most of their prospective clients in the dark?

Others have told us that they have found a number of websites that had conflicting information and that the couple had no idea who was right and who was wrong?

At FilAm Immigration, we strive to stay up on top when ever changes come about? Every year, changes take place but many online services are to lazy to maintain their own websites.

The United States Embassy, Manila Philippines is known to be one of the toughest for approvals.

For the do-it-your-selfer, WATCH OUT! There are 3 major processes that you and your fiancee or spouse must go through from start to finish. Be aware that the government has a number of pit falls which many couples never saw coming! For the do-it-your-selfer, you stand a 100% chance of hitting, if not a few, at least one of the many pit falls. There is a lot of Government Bureaucracy and red tape to easily get ensnared by. All which could result in, added months of waiting or worst! A denial.

You can hire EXPENSIVE Lawyers, or you can choose to hire FilAm Immigration Services, who offers more for your money and GETS RESULTS!

Avoiding pit-falls with us there.

Providing a well done I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee is very important right from the start. Many get rejected early in the game which can cost you more money longer waiting and frustration.

If your petition gets approved, you’ll be wondering what now? The government expects you to know what to do next, so don’t set there waiting for them to provide you the answers.

Once Your Petition is Approved?

Every couple gets excited when they learned their petition has been approved! This means that the National Visa Center is forwarding your petition to the US Consulate in Manila Philippines.

Our Experts will guide the couple on how, what, where and when to get everything that is required for a medical exam and US Embassy Interview. With an expert in the Philippines to guide your loved one through this very important part will insure your getting approved.

US Embassy Support

With our EXPERTISE, you and your Filipina Fiancee will have removed much of the stress and worry by knowing that your prepared for the medical exam and your US Embassy Interview. We will assist and guide you both with what items are required?

Our online support Philippines

Your Fiancee will know how to prepare for her St. Luke’s medical exam and will be coached on how to answer certain questions?

Our online case file review and mock interview can give your fiancee the satisfaction on knowing that she can attend her interview without to much stress. We’ll prep her up on everything she needs to know step-by-step to insure her approval.

We Are K1 Fiancee Visa “EXPERTS” USA & Philippines!

K1 Visa Success StoryHey if your looking for a Top-Notch Service that gets results and is very friendly, easy to work with and offers the most affordable fees, then FilAm Immigration Services provides all of those.

We specialize in the Philippines bound to the USA Visa service bringing your Filipina Fiancee or Filipina wife to be with you in the United States.

See this Couples Testimony and many more

k1-fiance-visa-contactFirst thing you should do is call us to receive free consultation, then FilAm Immigration Services, can provide you with very valuable information about all requirements, pre-planning your trip, money saving tips & guidance to both the US sponsor and Filipino beneficiary throughout the entire processing to insure that your loved one receives their K1 or CR1 Visa so that they can come home to you.

FilAm Immigrations AddressOur home office is  Orlando FL & we also have an office in Dumaguete City Philippines Your never required to come into our office as we are able to serve both the sponsor and beneficiary from the comforts of your home or office. We assist every step of the way between USCIS and Philippines government requirements. Office location in Orlando FL. and Dumaguete City Philippines.

FilAm Immigration Services 311 W. Hornbeam Dr. Longwood, FL 32779 USA 

SDA Village Door #7 Tubtubon Rd. Sibulan Township, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, 6201 Philippines

“EXPERT ADVICE “ Is what Our Clients Get!

K1 Fiance Visa Requirements:
FilAm Immigration Services will keep all of our clients current and up to date with the latest K1 Visa requirements to insure the Couples of their Success. Nearly every year USCIS and US Embassy, even medical process makes changes that come unexpectedly. There are also Philippines government requirements that ad to the difficulty of things.

K1 Fiance Visa financial or income Requirements:
FilAm Immigration Services will make ourselves available on phone or through email as a guidance to insure that the US Sponsor is in compliance with USCIS Poverty guidelines and we will give you details to increase your meeting the guidelines if ever you fall short? Co-Sponsors cannot be used for approved I-129F Petitions.

K1 Fiance Visa process for the Philippines:
The Philippines imposes other requirements and government interviews on all their Citizens from start to finish in the K1 Visa process. FilAm Immigration Services is not only assisting both of you with USCIS, but we also are on top of all the requirements that Philippines governments ads to the process. Such as NSO, DFA and CFO.

K1 Fiance Visa documents Required:
FilAm Immigration Services, will determine which documents the Sponsor and the Beneficiary needs to provide as part of the I-129F Petition and also for the US Embassy Interview? Not every-ones case is the same and may vary from each couple based on situations they have in their lives? The difference is usually with Divorce decrees and Police records.

K1 Fiance Visa forms:
FilAm Immigration Services, will provide all of your USCIS forms that will be required in your petition. We will also make all required supplemental sheets that are also required for your K1 Visa process. USCIS forms are FREE and nobody should ever charge you for those. You can also go to USCIS.GOV to get the required forms for FREE!

K1 Fiance Visa fees:
There are several government fees aside form the fee we charge. FilAm Immigration Services will instruct you  how much a government fee is and when it is time to pay it? You have a filing fee, later then you have a nonimmigrant visa application fee, then soon after a medical fee later a Philippines government fee. The total will be $860 in government fees alone.

K1 Fiance Visa wait time:
FilAm Immigration Services has been bringing Couples together since 2003. We are usually close to giving the Sponsor and Beneficiary a pretty accurate time frame of when they will be together from start to finish? Sometimes depending on each Couples situation our estimated time frame is based of certain events during your filing period?

K1 Fiance Visa interview checklist:
FilAm Immigration Services, will prepare both Beneficiary and the Sponsor several weeks before the actual US Embassy interview in Manila. Our Philippines representative is located in the Philippines specifically to provide your fiancee with step by step online instructions, to insure that she has everything needed for her interview?

K1 Fiance Visa medical requirements:
Getting your fiancee ready for her medical examination in St. Luke’s Medical Center at Manila, is a very important part of the K1 Visa process. FilAm Immigration Services, will instruct both the US Sponsor and the Beneficiary about cost and required items that should be brought to the medical examination? If applicable K2 Children also.

K1 Fiance Visa interview process:
Once the I-129F Petition has been Approved, FilAm Immigration Services, will stay in communication with both the Sponsor and Beneficiary through email and phone calls to insure that the process is going to be smooth during the interview? We will schedule an online chat appointment to assist your fiancee with her case files together.

K1 Fiance Visa interview questions:
Probably the biggest moment for all K1 Applicants, is when they face the interviewers to be questioned? Our FilAm staff member in the Philippines will meet online with your fiancee usually a few days before the real interview takes place. We will ask more than the average questions to insure she is prepared? Our questions cover CFO, US Port of entry also.

K1 Fiance Visa processing time:
Once the interview has been completed and your fiancee has been approved, FilAm Immigration Services, is able to check the status of your K1 Visa, to found out if it is still under administrative review or being processed or when it is “READY”? On average if all went well processing and delivery time takes 10 to 14 working days.

Common K1 Fiancee Visa Questions & Answers!

What are USCIS Requirements to be able to file for K1 Fiancee Visa?

1. You both should be age 18 or above.k1 fiance visa checklist philippines

2. Your both must be free to marry.

3. You both must be free of criminal charges that fall under IMBRA.

4. You both need to meet in person and file before two years goes past.

5. The petitioner must meet the financial requirements.

USCIS Required Length of time the relationship should develop for?

K1 Visa genuine relationshipMany couples ask me, if there is a requirement on how long the relationship must be developing for, before they can file the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee? There is no specific required time limit imposed on couples who file the petition for a K1 Visa.

But common sense should tell a couple that if they are truly serious in finding a life time partner to marry, that spending time communicating as often as possible should be routine and quality communication documentation is a must to later prove to the US Embassy interviewer that the couple really does have a genuine sincere relationship.

On average, we have had many couples who range from 5 to 30 years in age difference only communicate for as little as 3 months before filing and with FilAm Immigration Service guidance and support they where able to file and later get approved the K1 Visa.

Does USCIS impose any length of time the couple must be together during proof of meeting?

As a matter of fact, in the past several years since 2003, we have had numerous couples who simply could not be together in person for more than 3 days, because they did not have lengthy vacation times or some guys did not have the luxury of time due to self employment type jobs that where to demanding.Proof of meeting k1 visa requirement

Most made sacrifices only to be able to meet the USCIS requirement of PROOF OF MEETING. And again USCIS does not mention that a couple has to spend long periods of time together in order to qualify. They only mention that you must meet in person and then must file the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee before two years has past from the date of their first meeting.

Once the petition has been filed, until the beneficiary has finally arrived to the USA to marry, we have seen time frames of between 4 and 5 months. In very few cases we have seen couples reunited on US soil within 3 months. Every couple has a different set of circumstances, which can prohibit them from being together sooner. Once you call us, we can give you a better ideal of how much time you would be looking at?

Isn't it faster, if I get married in the Philippines?

Marriage in the PhilippinesMarriage in the Philippines is certainly an option that can be pursued. However this option is not exactly your best option for many reasons. Usually American Citizens who are running into troubles with IMBRA due to certain previous crimes in their past may only have the option to marry in the Philippines because their crimes from the past may prevent a sponsor from trying to obtain any of the (K) Visas such as K1, K2, K3 & K4. 

Now regardless if you have certain types of criminal convictions from your past or not? You still have the choice to Marry your Filipina loved one in the Philippines. Here are some very important things you should take into consideration before you decide on either getting a K1 Fiancee Visa or getting married in the Philippines and later applying for a CR1 Visa?

If you qualify and go the K1 Fiancee Visa route then you face less paper work and the K1 Visa can be obtained on average in 3 to 4 months.

1. Decide to Marry in the Philippines then you must go online and make an appointment with the US Embassy in Manila, so that you can get your Certificate of legal capacity in lieu to contract Marriage. You can also get this in Cebu city without an appointment.

2. Next is applying for the Marriage license. Philippines law requires a ten (10) day waiting period before you can have this.

3. You and your Fiancee will also have to attend an eight (8) hour Marriage and family counseling class before you can pick up your Marriage license.

4. After the Marriage has been done. You will need to wait on average up to 3 months for the Marriage Certificate registrar copy to become authenticated before you are able to file the USCIS I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. Normally this is a required part of the Philippines rules, but can be expedited. 

5. Once the US Citizen sponsor has finally received the NSO Authenticated Marriage Certificate, they can now file the USCIS paper work for the CR1 Spouse visa. This has an average waiting period of between 6 and 9 months. However if you equate the time that it took to get your authenticated Marriage Certificate then you have already invested nearly a year.

6. One other problem that has been coming up more and more now is that the US Embassy warns American Citizens that there are several city’s throughout the Philippines that may not honor your Certificate of Legal Capacity in Lieu to Contract Marriage. What does this mean? It means that they might tell you that their not going to allow you to get married. U.S. Embassy of Manila Philippines Marriage guidelines.

What about using a Tourist / Visitors Visa instead of me going to see her?

philippines tourist visa deniedYou can try! However, more than three quarters of the Filipino population are unable too meet the requirements, due to the ever stringent rules of the US government. Basically only the very wealthy Citizens qualify and even some of them still are denied.

We have talked with numerous sponsors in the past, who have told us that their loved one was quickly denied a Tourist Visa. The Philippines is still a developing nation, therefore most of their Citizens are unable to produce certified documents, proving several things, such as ownership to a home, land, successful business, and have a savings account untouched for a lengthy period of time.

Meticulous tax records and proof of ownership are often time hard to get. Proving that the applicant has strong family ties and would return back when they are suppose to, can be very difficult. Also a show of documentation that the applicant has traveled to other Countries without any problem is helpful, however most are unable to provide any. 

If your loved one is even given an opportunity, to tell the interviewer that they are wanting to visit you, the “red flags start flying everywhere”. Your Fiancee only stands a 5% chance in being approved. Learn more about Tourist Visas.

Do you really need to hire an Attorney / Lawyer who will charge you upward of $6000.

Unless thisFree k1 visa consultation is a jury trial for murder why pay such an astronomical fee when it’s not needed? FilAm Immigration
Services provides a specialized service to couples that want guarantees, friendly and easy to work with, offers the Filipina help on her side with Philippines government requirements and US Embassy Support.

Plus we offer both sponsor and the beneficiary travel preparation and guidance at no extra cost. See if US Lawyers will offer nearly as much as what we offer for the mere fee of $325. With savings like that, you can still afford to have a decent wedding and honeymoon!

Neither FilAm Immigrations, nor its staff, employees or owners, are licensed to engage in the practice of law within any United States jurisdiction. Our services do not include legal services or legal advice as we cannot represent customers in a legal capacity: We can only assist in preparing and processing your visa application. If we find out that you have a very complicated situation, that requires litigation, then we will advise you about it?

How Do I Get Started?

We Prepare You For The Complete Immigration Process, as well as K1 Fiance visa processprepare your petition for submission to the U.S. government. We have a full money-back guarantee to “Qualifying Couples”.

Please REVIEW OUR GUARANTEE POLICY. We are one of the most competitive when it comes to pricing in America.

It all starts with a free phone consultation. We do not require you to pay first before staff will speak to you. We’re small, personal and super helpful. So give us a call at 321-222-9998 right now and see how we can help you immediately. In the Philippines dial +63.917.451.4214

Guarantees for the K1 Visa and CR1 Spouse Visa?

Filipina Fiancee needs her K1 VisaBy hiring us, we are able to properly guide the couple from start to finish insuring them that, we are able to guarantee them to be approved. We only will give a guarantee to qualifying couples. Qualifying depends on both person background which we will be able to obtain in our free consultation. K1 and CR1 Visas do hold a high approval rate versus other kinds of visas.
We have Successfully reunited over 1,500 Couples Since 2003

We Keep Up On The Very Latest Changes! So you don't have to worry.

Don’t get caught trying to do it yourself and then find out during theGet a professional to review your I-129F Petition approval process that you did not know about the latest changes. You will literally have to start over and pay all the fees again! None of the government agencies really care if you get your loved by your side or not.

By hiring us, You can have piece of mind and alleviate much stress and worry from start to finish. Most Couples later come back to me with strong testimony’s about how they couldn’t have done this with out us! They often are telling others about our program and mention how affordable it is to get so much good information for so little price. Here is what some of our clients are saying!

Quick, Professional, & Affordable K1 Visa Packages… Guaranteed!

K1 Basic $249.

I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancee

Basic Offer

We collect and complete all the USCIS forms and supplemental sheets for you and inspect your petition thoroughly before you file it.

K1 Deluxe $325.

Petition & Embassy Support

Deluxe Offer

The K1 Deluxe package offers the couple complete paper work done. Unlimited communication. US Embassy Support & US Port of Entry.

K1 Platinum $650.

Guidance for 3 full processes

Platinum Offer

We completed all forms. Provide unlimited communication. Full US Embassy Support & Adjustment of Status with Employment Auth.

Interview $200.

Full US Embassy Support Medical & CFO

Support Offer

With our support guide in the Philippines, your Fiancee will have Case files, Medical, Interview, CFO guidance & US Port of Entry Assistance.

Adjustment $325.

File for Permanent residence

AOS Offer

Once you have married within 90 days, you will have to undergo a change of status to obtain permanent residency & Employment.

How About Marriages in the Philippines?

If your Married to a Citizen of the Philippines for less than 2 years you need to file for CR1 Visa. If you have been Married 2 years or longer the IR1 Visa will be issued.

US Citizens who have a Filipino Wife or Husband?

We have a one time fee of $425. that gets your petition papers done. Gives you both unlimited communication. And gives your full US Embassy Support.

Call us for your free consultation at 321-222-9998 Spousal Visas from the Philippines to the USA take between 9 and 12 months.

Tourist Visa

Not Your BEST Choice!

Filipino Travel

With a 5% Success rate, most Filipinos found this was a waste of time & money!

Payment Options For Your Convenience!

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